Nissan GT-R Wagon For Sale.

A Nissan Stagea GTR Wagon? “Honey, Can I Go To Portugal?”

Yes! A Nissan Stagea GTR Wagon! Who Wants One?

Updated October 17, 2018

Good Day everyone, and thanks for dropping by. Today’s article is going to geared toward all of my Nissan GTR fans out there, who love themselves a good Godzilla story to read about. Now before you get your hopes up to high, I want to say that once you finished reading this article be sure to leave any comments about it at the end.

Replica Nissan GTR Wagon

Now, for those of you who now just about everything GTR, or Nissan for that matter, may know of the name Stagea. This was a name for a station wagon that Nissan used to produce back between 2001 through 2007, and for the most part it did what it was built for. Commute it’s passengers, carry loads, and look good, but of course it wouldn’t be a Nissan if somebody didn’t find a way to make the Stagea look better than what it already was. Enter the unknown Japanese tuning guru, who had the great idea to make the Nissan Stagea look like an R34 GTR. Once this was done, the car became even that much more popular, and it made a tuner’s mom look like they were bad assess that could run the streets too.

Replica Nissan GTR Wagon 2

So, that leads us to why we are here today. At some point during it’s six year stint, the Stagea found it’s way to Portugal, and became one of the local cars there as well, but this time around the face lift on Stagea is a lot more recent. Another website’s reporter luckily spotted this beauty for sale in one of Porto’s (2nd largest city in Portugal) newspapers, and it looked stunning. Apparently some genius took the time, and effort to fabricate a Station Wagon GT-R (R35), drive it around and now is trying to sell it. The Nissan Stagea as it were, is an automatic with four wheel disc brakes, pristine Gloss White paint work, Matte Black wheels w/Red trim, and a 2010 Nissan GT-R front clip on it. So essentially, you now have a wagon that from the right approach angle will fool anyone on the streets, but then as it gets closer, you find that it has a four doors, and it’s a wagon.

Replica Nissan GTR Wagon 3

For what it’s worth I do remember reading about the Nissan Stagea in magazines when it had the first R34 clip fabbed into place, and how Americans were drooling over the fact that now you can look cool, while doing the food shopping. Personally, I don’t see why no one over here has done this yet, but until then enjoy the pics, and dream about how good you might look in one these custom Nissan Stagea GT-R’s. Until next time, Thanks for reading.


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