A Real Sleeper: See What This Nissan Patrol has Under the Hood

Updated February 17, 2016

In case you are not familiar with the term; “Sleeper” refers to a vehicle that looks normal and unassuming but packs a serious punch under the hood. Sometimes this term is thrown around talking about tuned up models from Subaru, Audi, Etc. who make sedans and wagons that also go fast. But anyone who knows cars can spot the difference between an Impreza and a WRX. To really fool people, you have to start with something that doesn’t look very fast at all.


A Nissan Patrol is not generally thought of as a performance car. Maybe off-road it has a reputation for being durable, but it is still not a particularly fast car. To remedy this, a tuner in Qatar used a turbocharger to pump a little life into the engine of this particular Nissan and bring the horsepower number up to a whopping 800.


The inline-6 under the hood handles the boost with ease, but to lengthen the life of the drivetrain there is a switch to control the amount of boost going in. But what inspired a build like this? Why would someone take a like-new Nissan Patrol and turn it into something that can hold its own against modern supercars? To beat supercars, of course.


Since the streets of Qatar are so heavily populated by high-end sports cars, there are times when cars square off on the street to show off a little and flex their muscles. If a Lamborghini goes head-to-head with a Nissan SUV and loses, then the look of shock and disappointment on the driver’s face will more than justify this wild project.



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