A Review of the 2013 Acura TL Luxury Sports Sedan

Updated August 24, 2013

Drivers have more stress during the summer holidays as it’s time when more driving times typically increases and patience in busy traffic can quickly wane.  A drive of 200 miles is a less than ideal past time, but my driving vacation and experience was greatly improved when I was asked to test drive the new Acura TL car.  If you are thinking about purchasing one, then I suggest you read how I got on with my family and what my thoughts are on this awesome sports sedan from Acura.

The Acura TL has been a big selling car in the United States for a few years now but with the new 2012 model Acura have redesigned it and added even more features which are designed to bring it more into line with other luxury models from companies such as BMW and Audi drivers another choice for a luxury sports sedan that manages to combines both performance and value.

There is little change under the hood when compared to the 2010 and 2011 Acura TL models as the chassis and engine are still based upon on the Honda Accord platform – however, there is some alterations to the styling as well as a different power train and more upscale features as you would expect from a luxury car brand.

Running the car starts with 270 horsepower with a 3.2 liter 24 valve V6 engine.  It is managed by a five-speed automatic transmission or six-speed manual depending on how much you want to spend. The one I was driving had an automatic transmission and handled all the shifts smoothly enough across all positions.  We managed to get it from 0-60 miles per hour in just over 7  seconds so it’s pretty speed too.  According to other online reviews, the manual transmission version of the Acura TL clocks in at something like 6.2 seconds.

Among the many standard features you get with an Acura TL are 17 inch wheels and tough disc brakes that have four wheel anti lock and an anti skid system. They all add even more to an impressive driving experience – which was comfortable for my whole family. The car handles well enough and steers beautifully as it can maneuver through traffic confidently – which is helped by 17 inch wheels.

Going inside the car, the upholstery leather is comfortable, attractive and well complemented by an aluminum trim. There are small light-emitting fixtures in the car which shine blue providing an very cool atmosphere when set against stifling night time driving.

Other features include well padded seats, electric sunroof, heating switch, satellite radio, in-dash CD sound system with an eight-speaker, the navigation system including voice-recognition, plus Xenon lights – all which come as standard no matter which trim you end up choosing. There is also cruise control, driver multiple positions including easy adjustments for the front seat passenger, air conditioning and individual climate controls for the front seats (also as standard).

For the passengers in the front there is plenty of leg room and overall it is very comfortable. The rear seat passengers are not as comfortable admittedly as the head piece and leg can get slightly pinched. The cargo space is also tight, but that’s true with most sports sedans.

To conclude, the Acura TL 2013 is a car that combines sports and luxury.  Whether it truly matches up to the rival motors on the market is open to debate – I personally don’t believe so.

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