A Slammed ’67 Chevy C10 Hot Rod with an LS Heart

This ’67 Chevy C10 Hot Rod Packs A Powerful Punch!

Updated October 2, 2018

If you want to take an older American truck and put it under the knife to add a bit of style, there are really two main ways to go about it: slam it or soup it up. Mike Simpson wanted the best of both worlds, so after his 1969 Chevy C10 pickup was destroyed by natural disaster, he sought to fulfill his vision in the form of a 1967 C10 instead.

'67 Chevy C10 Hot Rod 1

What he started out with was a rough but still mostly intact example and went over every piece, crafting exactly the truck he wanted. The end result is an awesome cross between a classic hot rod pickup and a modern air bagged and slammed creation.

'67 Chevy C10 Hot Rod 2

Mike did a massive amount of the work himself, including the tube frame connecting the modified bed to the truck’s frame. The bed had to be modified due to the extremely low ride height. To lower a truck this much, the rear of the frame has to be notched to allow the axle to travel up further. Now the oak bed can still carry cargo while granting easy access to both the fuel cell and the air tank for the suspension system.

'67 Chevy C10 Hot Rod 3

The suspension system wasn’t the only thing that got a serious overhaul. The original motor was ditched to make room for a 5.3 liter LS motor that was then rebuilt and tuned up by Mike. The smoothness of the engine bay matches the rest of the truck. Everything was shaved off except for the door handles, which were left untouched.

'67 Chevy C10 Hot Rod 4

The interior was outfitted with customized seat originally from a Volkswagen Jetta along with with a handful of new billet accessories and a custom center console.  The mix of modern convenience and old school charm is shared with the wheels too, which really contrast the classic truck in a nice way.

'67 Chevy C10 Hot Rod 5

Mike now has the truck of his dreams, and everyone else gets to see it in action. It’s a win/win. Just goes to show how far determination and an eye for style can take you.



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