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A Small New Jersey Town Moves To Fine All Non-Resident Drivers

Is Leonia overstepping its bounds to preserve the peace in their small town?

I hope you aren’t planning a trip that includes passing through or stopping in Leonia, New Jersey. The small town has moved to hit all drivers who don’t live in the city with a non negotiable $200 fine. All of this spawns from repairs to the George Washington Bridge that deadlocked Leonia with traffic.

Emergency maintenance on the GW Bridge brought traffic times through the town up to 70 minutes during rush hours. The small town doesn’t have much local traffic but it is in an unfortunate position. Its location makes it an ideal shortcut to hop over the river into New York. As a result, slowdowns on the other side can bring Leonia to a complete standstill.

Rush Hour Bans on Non-resident Drivers

The plan is to have residents of Leonia hang a yellow tag from their rear view mirrors to avoid fines. Those passing through during certain times without one could face a ticket. Protecting the small town’s morning is a 6 to 10am ban on outside drivers. Meanwhile, their evenings will be more peaceful with a 4 to 9pm ban on outside drivers.

Some people have challenged the move as rather unethical and possibly even illegal. However, the Mayor, Judah Zeigler, waves these charges away citing that thorough research shows otherwise. He is quoted as saying that, “the ordinances we passed are legal and would withstand any potential legal challenge.” This move to smooth out New York congestion in the small New Jersey town is also known as traffic calming.

$200 Fines For Outside Drivers

The talk around this topic in Leonia is quick to point out the reasoning behind the move to fine outside drivers. First and foremost, town residents are essentially held hostage by New York traffic when the bridge is slow. Second is that they are in no way trying to gate off the community entirely from the outside. Third is the matter of the difficulty in enforcement that may lead to touch and go policing.

What do you think of this move by Leonia’s leadership to protect the town from outiside congestion? Are they overstepping their boundaries or is the New Jersey town within their rights to ease New York’s traffic problems on their streets? Is there another way that this can see resolution without $200 fines being passed out freely? Feel free to let us know in the comment section as well as on social media!


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