A Wrecked Ford Mustang Turned Into An Unconventional Rat Rod

Turning A Wrecked Mustang Into An Awesome Mustand Rat Rod!

Updated November 19, 2018

We’ve encountered a variety of modified Ford Mustangs in the past, but not a single one comes close to this “Mustang Rat Rod”. What you are looking at is a rat rot that disobeys even the basic rules of rat rods. It’s a mix of a wrecked 2009 Mustang and a 1956 International pickup truck, as stated in the owner’s profile on Drivn. The intention of the developer was to come up with an unconventional rat rod which didn’t stick to any regulation or style guides.

Mustang Rat Rod

As an alternative, he wanted a cool thing that’s comfortable, demands attention, and which he could drive across the country whenever he felt like. The vehicle is powered by the Mustang’s 4.6-liter V8 with 300 horsepower and 320 lb-ft torque.

Once you step inside, it’s exactly a Mustang but the body is all pickup. The air suspension also comes from the Mustang. We’d like to assume that it’s a present-day rat rod of a kind, blended with excellent engineering and craftsmanship. It really must have been daunting to carry on with the project, but with determination, it was accomplished.

This Ford Mustang has been  transformed into a modern day rat rod!

A typical truck body with suspension, a muscle car engine, and interior. Who ever imagined that this would wind up being a non-traditional rat rod? With all honesty, we need to have more developments of this sort.

Ford Rat Rod

Mustang Rat Rod Rear

Rat Rod Interior

Wrecked Mustang Rat Rod Interior 2

Modern Mustang Engine In A Rat Rod

Ford Mustang Rat Rod Rear

Rat Rod made from a wrecked Mustang





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