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911 964

Air Cooled Porsche 911 964 Looks Rad In This Insane Rendering

Should Liberty Walk Take A Chance With It

Published June 27, 2017

You have to remember that incredible Porsche 911 964 Carrera 2 transformed into a Rat Rod with a freaking Ford Big Block Engine. Well, it was quite a car, although the purists would like to cage the man who build it. Nevertheless, that car sparked the imagination of the car world for the seriously modded and transformed Porsche 911s.

911 964

So, now we have a freaking photoshop transformed air-cooled Porsche 911 and it looks simply fantastic. Photoshop virtual artist Yasid Oozeear did the job.

He envisioned the Porsche 911 with a widebody kit. All with riblets on the fenders and massive aero surface improving the downforce.

So, while you may think of it as just another amateur rendering, we actually let our imagination wander a bit. As an air cooled machine this Porsche may be the one to have in the next Mad Max movie. Of course with a little bit of off-road gear. It would need suspension lift, a bit more off-road suited tires and a winch at front. As it would be in Mad Max a mandatory skull and a whole lot of metal horns would have to adorn its front end.

That Old Porsche 911 964 Had A V8 In Front

Now back to that awesome Ford Big Block powered 911. That one showed up at the Monaco International Auto Show and Big Block was not sitting at the back. No, the engine was at the front end of the car. Really cool.

This one, however, by Oozeear, isn’t that extravagant, but it is a fine looking piece of a machine. Well, Liberty Walk if you are seeing this you better start making something similar for the real thing.

So, while this rendering will probably never come to fruition, the Porsche own 911 GT2 will. And it will be the most powerful 911 of all time. Here is the first glimpse of it.

911 GT2


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