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Alex Pfeiffer, The Man In The Red C5.

Updated October 15, 2012

 There’s a man by the name of Alex Pfeiffer, who’s pretty well know in some racing 

Alex Pfeiffercircuits, but his skills lie in one particular form of racing. That form or style of racing is known to many as drifting. Drifting is the art of driving sideways, or some professionals would call it, “Controlled Chaos”. This is a man who is among many, making a name for himself in the world of Formula Drift. The only difference is that he’s been involved with the sport more than the average driver.

Skill Assessment.

 Now you may ask, “Why are we talking about this man?” My answer is simply this, he Alex Pfeiffer & Tanaka Racing C7 Corvettecoaxed a C5 into driving sideways. On purpose. Alex Pfeiffer has been a judge for the Formula D series for many years, as well as being an on again, off again driver for different teams. Alex has driven Honda S2000’s, Lexus SC300’s, and one of his greatest challenges was driving a Japanese sponsored C5 Corvette. It sounds ass backwards, but it’s true. Only in Formula Drift would an American based Japanese company modify an American Icon like the Corvette, to race side by side with Japan’s finest. For all of you out there who know anything about drifting, you know that American cars have an immense amount torque and power, while Japanese cars are normally quick and nimble. The team over at Tanaka Racing took the 427 that normally comes with a Corvette and completely reworked it. So much so, that they achieved a mind blowing 700hp, and 750 lb-ft of torque. This enabled the car to not only spin the tires to establish drift, but produce an American car that would challenge the Japanese at their own game.

Alex drove the Tanaka Racing Team C5 in the 2009 season of Formula Drift, and did pretty well for himself. His skill pushed him all the way to the finals of the series. He

Alex-P-with-a-new-look-to-the-C5-Corvette didn’t win, but that Red C5 became famous with thousands of fans in the drifting world. The C5’s reputation earned it a spot in another racing venue. You can now find the C6 version of Tanaka’s Drift Corvette in the Forza Racing Motor Sports game for the X-Box 360, and PS3 game systems. So now you all can drift with the best of them, and not worry about the crashes. 



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