All-New 2017 Kia GT Concept Production Already Set for 2017

It Looks Like The Kia GT Concept Is Moving Into Mainstream Production

Updated October 7, 2018

A lot of buzz about the 2017 Kia GT Concept is spreading like wildfire, since it was showcased initially during the Frankfurt Motor Show last 2011. The Kia GT concept is a RWD sedan that is sports coupe looking, and word is out that its production is closer than ever. Kia’s recent moves is considered a big change of pace. In fact, its shape and overall design isn’t similar to any other Hyundai product. The 4-seater concept sedan is looking already like a sure thing, and its looks are pretty good. Certainly not similar to anything that hails from Korea.

Kia GT Concept 1

U.S. Availability

Executives from Kia already had a meeting last week during the Kia Motors America (KMA) Dealer Show in Las Vegas. They have confirmed that a GT showroom version is already in the company’s product portfolio that is aimed towards the U.S. market. It is being considered by Kia their newest halo model, it is expected that its overall design will be sportier and will be like a mixture of their Kia K7 series and K9 series. The K9 luxury sedan’s sluggish sales and the K9’s little availability in the U.S. led the company to design and create a new model with the hopes of bringing a new breath of fresh air in the company’s K series overall sales. Its production version is scheduled to be made available in Kia dealerships in the U.S. by early 2017.

Kia GT Concept 2

From Concept to Production

More than just one Kia official already confirmed that the All-new 2017 Kia GT has been already in the works. Even if the concept’s accented with sills and wheel fins that are made of carbon-fiber, the OLED  glass-panel interior controls, and its suicide doors are shaved for the production release, it will still end up to be a very eye-catching and attractive design. Peter Schreyer, Kia’s design chief, stated on record that he wants to design and create fun-to-drive and more interesting cars, and the GT is one model he is clearly excited about. Its silhouette is somewhat similar to that of the Audi A7 and Porsche Panamera, which is basically not a bad thing. When it comes to Kia’s recent trend in their styling that previously are often derived from its sibling, Hyundai, Kia is certainly heading towards the right direction with their latest creation.

Kia GT Concept 3

Expected Power Plant

The All-new Kia GT Concept will be powered by also an all-new engine, it is a turbocharged direct-injected V-6 3.3-liter engine. The engine gives out 390 horsepower with 394 lbs. / Ft of torque towards its rear wheels. It will be paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission that is also used in the Equus and Genesis. Either a four-cylinder turbocharged engine or a V6 naturally aspirated engine will power the Gt’s base model.

Kia GT Concept 4

Sport Oriented Sedan

Even though the Kia GT Concept will borrow some characteristics from the Genesis, its production version will be more sport-oriented compared to Hyundai’s luxury sedan. As of the moment, it is very clear that by 2017 this rear-drive Kia vehicle is coming to wow many car enthusiasts. As Kia’s chief designer stated at the GT’s Frankfurt debut, the GT may seem to be only a dream as of the moment, but at times, such dreams do come true. A car company’s honesty and openness about the future of their concept car is a very refreshing change.

Kia GT Concept 4

Kia GT Concept 5



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