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All Pink Zotye SR9 SUV Godess Edition Only For Females

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Zotyes female-only variant of their Porsche SR9 SUV Macan replica referred to as the Goddess is on its way into the market. Its expected to launch next month at the Shanghai Auto Show. The company has just revealed the interior images of the Goddess, and we must say Pink Rocks!
The interior features a pink dash top, pink lining on the control panel roofing, pink armrest, pink decorated doors, center tunnel pink lining and what would be a favorite for the ladies; a pinked-up gear lever knob. Thats just a tip of the iceberg.

If were talking about the exterior, Zotye outdid itself on this one. The hood is completely covered in pink including the mirror top ends and the door handles. As for the brakes, they get a red finishing which we think should have obtained a pink look too. The wheels achieve a silver-black look. While black works fine with pink, the silver doesnt. The wheels should have been entirely pink or black.

Back to the interior, the seats are cream white in color topped up with pink stitching. The whole side panel tunnel connection to the dash top is also pink. The seat belt holder buttons top it off with a pink look too. Magnificent creation! Weirdly, for an unknown reason, the steering wheel features a bog standard black. However, this would be easy to pink it up by a cover or paint. Odd; a vehicle this pink deserve even pinker wheels.

The lady looking to own this beauty can have her initials engrained in pink into the headrest with CL used as a demonstration in this case. The rear reading lights and back armrest also obtain the pick treatment.
Nusheng is the Chinese name for this beauty which traditionally means Goddess. If its in todays modern translation, it means a lady thats held in high regard by others equivalent to an internet celebrity or pretty singer. The term is all things sexy.

The Goddess might be an all-female affair, but particularly for the classy ladies. It will reach up to 180 .000 yuan with the standard models going for something between 108.800 and 161.800 yuan. The technical bits are the same with the engine being a 2.0 turbo unit producing 190 hp which is the same as other models in the fold.


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