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Allo Allo Allo – Whats all this then? Nanjing MG pics?

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I was just sitting here, at 12:50am trying to email a client in Oman, when I decided to have a quick look through on the Chinese search engine for Nanjing MG pictures – as the Nanjing MG version of the Rover 75 will be unveiled on January 30th, herelding the Battle of the Brits between Nanjing MG and SAICs Roewe. Chinese Car Spy websites usually post pictures of cars well before they are even released to the public. I came across this set of photos. Press the link on the right to see the next picture, and the link on the left to see the previous picture. Theyre obviously taken in China, note the Suzhou license plate on that beat up old VW Santana in one pic. The question is, are they real? Click the below picture to enlarge it!

The most definate answer is yes – they are fake. Why would Nanjing be cheap enough to stick an MG badge in the old Rover shield space and not properly mould the badge holdings into the MG badge?

I guess even we will just have to wait until the 30th January 2007 to see what the new Nanjing MG looks like. It will probably look different enough from the Roewe, but similar to the Rover 75 – which technically will be a new car in China – the Rover 75 was never released in China (although you do see the odd one around in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou etc) I bet the MG Rovers coming out Longbridge UK will be fresh models, well, that would be the smart thing to do on Nanjings behalf.

Anyway, we hope this lady manager at Nanjing gets her hair done properly, and manages to buy some blouses that werent Elvis inspired before the official unveiling. And does the guy next to her have his wife iron his suits? My mum used to send me to school with a blazer that was all shiny because of ironing, just like his. I am such a bitch. I cant wait to see Nanjing MGs car!



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