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Alpine Jeep Wrangler Hellbender

Alpine Hellbender Is Jeep Wrangler Unlimited For Any Adventure Imaginable

Go Adventure and Have Fun With Alpine Hellbender

Published November 7, 2017

Alpine, an electronic producer, revealed a demo car – the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited dubbed the Hellbender – named after the amphibious hellbender salamander. As a demo car, the Wrangler Unlimited is finely tuned to demonstrate exclusive Alpine equipment in an attractive package. And, if you are the sort of a girl or a guy who enjoys music outside, you will not be disappointed.

Alpine Jeep Wrangler Hellbender

Based on top of the 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, the Hellbender received a fine custom exoskeleton, a new hood, and Procomp Apex wheels with 37-inch Xtreme MT2 tires. Assets worthy of any adventure seeker for sure.

Serious off-road gear for the Wrangler Hellbender

Alpine sourced out the project of building the Hellbender to Define Customs. They fitted it with new bumpers, rockers, and fender flares. Obviously, it looks vastly different compared with the stock Wrangler Unlimited. However, making way towards adventure is one thing, but having fun after reaching it – totally different. For that job, Alpine fitted the Hellbender with an almost incredibly wide array of electronics all focused on the fun side of things. The system was created around the X209-WRA-OR weather resistant Restyle dash of the 2017 Wrangler. It includes navigation, Bluetooth® wireless technology, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, all controlled through the 9-inch touchscreen. And it is water, sand and dust resistant. Neat.

Alpine Jeep Wrangler Hellbender

“Our ongoing research with Wrangler owners revealed off-road usage needs that we’ve addressed through new products and features,” said Mike Anderson, vice president and general manager, aftermarket business unit, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. “This Wrangler showcases the functional aspect of the Alpine products in a fun and unique way.”

Alpine Jeep Wrangler Hellbender

The system controls almost all electronic aspects of the machine – including the exterior lights, front and rear cameras and more. Package includes a weather-resistant PSS-22WRA sound system with nine speakers, two amplifiers, and an enclosed subwoofer.

Alpine Jeep Wrangler Hellbender

However, the highlight of the whole car seems to be two Alpine ICE (In-Cooler Entertainment) systems. These can be activated via X209-WRA-OR via a 9-inch display. Two coolers with Bluetooth connectivity and an integrated 180-watt sound system can be deployed from the Hellbender’s motorized platform at the back. It looks really cool. As a final touch, the Hellbender features fine t-shirt gun turret installed on the roof. Obviously, Alpine tends to showcase this car to event organizers or club managers. They could make great use of it.

Alpine Jeep Wrangler Hellbender


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