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Amazing Kids Drawings Of Futuristic Cars Is The Most Pleasant Way To Start The New Year

Some can teleport, others can fly, some are eco friendly, but all of them are simply awesome

Published January 10, 2018

Unconfined by reality, sanity and fictitious values, kids can imagine and create what no one else can.

Enter the world of amazing kids drawings of futuristic cars provided by Rimstyle. In an awesome PR stunt, Rimstyle asked the kids of their employees to draw futuristic cars and they delivered.


“Formed in 2002, Rimstyle has stemmed from a passion for aftermarket alloy wheels, and has grown to be one of the leading specialists in the alloy wheel and tyre industry today.”

This is possibly the most epic set of futuristic car photographs you will ever see. And they did not only draw them but commented as well. We have six artworks here.

Of course, after they finished drawing them, Rimstyle 3D experts did some of their magic to introduce the cars into the digital playground of our time. Honestly, it all looks simply gorgeous, cute and awesome.

Lina, 11, “Has wings so it can fly. Strawberry smell smoke which makes music. It’s got heart shaped windows. Has a spider web shooter. Has vegetable and fruit wheels so very eco-friendly.”

Liam, 9: “I’m not sure why I put the propeller on the side. When is the Maxmobile going to be a flying car?”

Izzy, 5: “This is a car that can transform to a boat if necessary. It doesn’t need a seatbelt because it never crashes.”

Harry, 7: “The text bubble in the bottom right reads, ‘Mum I got a sweety please don’t be mad, I saved one for you!’”

Hannah, 4. “I shaped my car like a banana because mum always makes me eat my banana on the way to school.”

Ben, 9. “This car teleports so dad doesn’t complain about the traffic on his way to work.”

But I have been thinking a bit about these pictures (and after reading comments under the original post back at Jalopnik I see others have as well). One cannot find a classic looking car here. No sedan or a sports car. They all look like people carriers, MPVs and, I am afraid to say it, but here it goes – like SUVs. I guess kids are moving up with the times. Back in the Sixties, they would definitely draw cars with rocket fins. In the wartime, they would have guns and look a lot like tanks I guess.

Come to think of it, the first sentence in this article may not be true after all.


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