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Updated February 3, 2017

Combine Top Gun, Rambo, Rocky, Team America and you get 2013 American Vehicles


I must be getting old as it seems that not that long ago American vehicles that would get you around 60,000 miles before it resembled the blues Brothers car completely falling apart. There were also the foreign vehicles to purchase but in the Deep South where I lived you were portrayed as a Benedict Arnold that hated his country. But the fact was that I just didn’t want to drive a piece of shit and in the 80s that’s pretty much all I could find from the big three. The one saving grace for the 80s era American made vehicles was a two door Jeep Cherokee that had a total of around 88 hp yet went through hell and back and managed 300,000 miles on the same engine and transmission. But today we are seeing so much competition from the auto industry that American manufacturers have no choice but to get their ass in gear and build some of the best vehicles in the world. As of right now it looks as though each company is working in its own right to fill niches they were previously void as well as deliver more of what the masses want.


America F*&# Yeah!


I want to say that there’s been a paradigm shift throughout the past decade as it seemed to me that auto manufacturers were using focus groups made up of people that believe their car may leak blinker fluid. Especially today when I look back on the cars design the 90s seems apparent that we as customers just kind of had to make do with what we were offered. Today though it seems that we are seeing attractive vehicles coming from American auto manufacturers and it makes me want to buy more guns and ammo and a big American flag and start flipping off other countries. The start of the retro muscle car era with the 2005 Ford Mustang was like a breath of fresh air as I sat there and thought, this is what we’ve been asking for years now. As we saw Chevrolet and Dodge soon follow with their own versions. Vehicles like to Jeep Grand Cherokee 2013 I would take over any competitive SUV. The new 2013 Ford Fusion looks the part of what a family sedan should, attractive, efficient, and the thought of pride whenever driving it, even when you have to go pick up your wife’s stupid dog from the groomers. So I am truly proud of Chrysler, GM, and Ford as they seem to be now delivering vehicles that will make the rest of the world envious. Sure you have factories in Canada and Mexico and joint operations and partial ownership by other car companies and I don’t really buy into the whole imported from Detroit but hey slap an American flag on your cars and I’ll be a sucker for it. If you want a sense of how I feel about American auto manufacturers right now then watch Top Gun, Rambo, Rocky and Team America in one sitting.



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