American Mid-Engine Supercar AMX 3

The AMC AMX 3 Is A Work Of Art

Updated September 15, 2018

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In 1970 the executive suits at AMC were gallivanting around Monza waiting for this American mid-engine prototype to prove itself on the track and with its top speed. The lead designer/ builder seemed to embellish the statistics for the car as he claimed it would do 160mph. With the impressive number certainly a selling point for the American market, the suits stood there and watched as the AMX 3 rounded the corner and in a rush of speed and fury, disappeared. That is when Giotto Bizzarrini turned to the suits and asked if 170mph was fast enough for them.

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To go 170mph even today is impressive as forces of nature begin to plot your demise through wind, heat, and even gravity. With what would be seen as a simplistic suspension, steering and tire engineering by todays standards, made feats of this kind that much more difficult in 1970. The AMX 3 was built around the AMC  390 c.u. in motor producing 340hp and 430 lb-ft of torque connected to a 4-speed transaxle.

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The mid-engine layout was AMC’s answer to various American competitors testing the mid-engine sports car market. Not only was the beautiful Pantera soon to start selling but Chevy was actually testing a mid-engine version of the 1970 XP-882 Corvette Prototype.

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Giotto Bizzarrini had been plucked from Ferrari to oversee what would be AMC’s Breaking Bad flagship. The only problem was that it also would bring a price range of a Ferrari when the car would hit the market. The problem is that the universe did not favor the AMX  due to the companies financial woes, implication of a potential redesign due to 5mph bumpers and a list of various other matters including the $3,000 price difference over the De Tomaso Pantera that was soon to be selling through the Lincoln dealer network was cause for the project to be scrapped. Bizzarrini would go on to produce 6 AMX 3’s by Bizzarrini in total instead of by AMC.



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