10 Best Selling Sedans of 2017

America’s 10 Best Selling Sedans of 2017

Only Three of America’s Favorite Cars are American-Made

Updated June 14, 2018

This may come as a surprise to you, but out of ten best-selling sedans in the country, just three are produced by American manufacturers. The Japanese basically dominate the scene with their cheap, reliable, and family-friendly machines. Despite the lack of American ancestry, some of the Japanese cars I am writing about are actually produced here. In fact, the most American-made vehicle index shows that the most American-made car isn’t an American car at all. That honor belongs to the Toyota Camry, which is made in Georgetown, Ky., and Lafayette, Ind. True, the data is from 2016, but not much has changed since has it?

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10. Chevrolet Malibu

10 Best Selling Sedans of 2017 - Chevrolet Malibu

Although not everyone’s favorite, the Chevrolet Malibu sits at the tenth place among the 10 best-selling sedans in the country. Size, angry, mysterious looks and a set of fantastic safety assets made it quite a success in the first year it came out. In 2016, it became the best selling Chevy sedan, overthrowing the Cruze from the top spot. Now, however, customers obviously want something more as sales have declined by quite a bit – year to date, Chevy sold 16.5 percent fewer Malibus than it did during the same period in 2016.

9. Hyundai Elantra

10 Best Selling Sedans of 2017 - Hyundai Elantra

Although a compact sedan, the Hyundai Elantra made quite a formidable break-through on the market establishing itself as a fantastic counterpart to the Civic Sedan, the Corolla and others. With the latest iteration, the car definitely tends to further Hyundai’s impact on the market and helps change the perception about the brand – similar to what Japanese manufacturers did in the Eighties. The latest 2018 Hyundai Elantra most certainly challenged the established rules in the segment by introducing a more courageous design followed up with the latest advanced safety and luxury tech. No wonder it is among the ten Best Selling Sedans in the USA. Introduction of the new generation this year will most certainly further its position on the market.

8. Chevrolet Cruze

10 Best Selling Sedans of 2017 - Chevrolet Cruze

The second generation of the Chevrolet Cruze became even more appealing. The first Cruze definitely did a fine job of introducing the car into the market and gaining some momentum. The new Cruze Sedan, famed for its interior features, fine and fun driving characteristics and comprehensive equipment comes to tackle heavyweights from Germany, Japan, and Korea. Save for other advantages, it seems that customers are most satisfied with efficiency.

7. Ford Fusion

10 Best Selling Sedans of 2017 - Ford Fusion

As far as American sedans go, the latest 2018 Ford Fusion Sedan sits at the top. It looks striking, features a number of different versions – including the hybrid and the Sport version, and so much tech one may find it extremely appealing. With the upper trim, the car makes do with Pothole Mitigation Technology, adaptive cruise control and much more. Obviously, Ford wanted to make an advanced machine with it, and from the looks of things, it’s working out pretty alright for them.

6. Nissan Sentra

With its recent facelift, the 2018 Nissan Sentra tried to appeal to the customers. Obviously, it succeeded in its intentions, as the car is the sixth best selling sedan in America. Quite a feat.

10 Best Selling Sedans of 2017 - Nissan Sentra

The latest facelift transformed the car stylistically. Now, it is quite similar to what we can see on the rest of the Nissan line-up. The Sentra gained new lights – front and back, new bumpers, a new hood, and even updated features on the inside, including the steering wheel, a new dash, and much more. All of this was complemented with a fair share of advanced tech. No wonder Nissan managed to sell even more units now.

5. Nissan Altima

10 Best Selling Sedans of 2017 - Nissan Altima

Another Nissan. This time a bigger one. The Nissan Altima is the fifth best selling sedan in the USA. As it turns out, the car finds buyers that value fuel efficiency, a lot of cabin room and reliability. The Altima checks the boxes in every segment. It then adds striking and appealing styling to the mix. However, it seems that Nissan has a bit of a problem at this point in time. Altima sales dropped by more than 17 percent in October. That being said, it’s still a big seller.

4. Honda Accord

10 Best Selling Sedans of 2017 - Honda Accord

Another Japanese car. This time the Accord. Yes, everyone will say that this one is just a dull car, but it sells like hotcakes. The Honda Accord is possibly the epitome of Japanese reliability and subtlety. As one of the best selling sedans in the US, the 2018 Honda Accord seems to have incorporated a bit of Acura refinement in the mix with the family virtues it holds dear to. KBB even named it best overall car of 2018, so Honda is definitely doing something right here, no matter what anyone else says.

3. Toyota Corolla Sedan

As the world’s best selling car, the Toyota Corolla definitely continues to nurture its iconic status with its latest versions. In America, it became the third best selling sedan. Amazing.

10 Best Selling Sedans of 2017 - Toyota Corolla

It seems that the Corolla is something like Coca-Cola of the car world. When you do not have a clue what to buy, you visit a Toyota dealership and buy a Corolla. However, 9 percent fewer people did that this year, compared with the year before. The problem, it seems, is the sheer look of the car. It is not exactly a looker, nor is it very powerful. It’s a very boring car to drive but it has a pretty solid interior for what it is. 

2. Toyota Camry

10 Best Selling Sedans of 2017 - Toyota Camry

The latest Camry has a mission: to be the most “not-boring” Camry ever. And it seems that buyers definitely can see that. Akido Toyoda, Toyota CEO, said that with the launch of the 2018 Toyota Camry there will be “no more boring cars.” It seems he is a gearhead after all and having fine looking machines in the portfolio will help with sales. After all, the new Toyota Camry is the second best selling sedan on American soil.

1. Honda Civic Sedan

10 Best Selling Sedans of 2017 - Honda Civic

The winner, ladies and gentlemen. The best selling sedan in the US is, hopefully not to anyone’s surprise, the Honda Civic Sedan. With the latest generation looking better than ever and offering far more in terms of styling and high-end equipment, the Civic Sedan is an easy winner here. Even better, it is roomier inside, more efficient than ever and more popular as well.

This is the best selling non-SUV, crossover, truck thing in the country, and rightfully so. 


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