AMS Shows Off Their Awesome 1,400 Alpha GT-R

The AMS Alpha GT-R Takes The Already Insane Nissan GT-R And Turns It Up To Eleven!

Updated October 1, 2018

The Nissan GT-R. Hard to say anything about this car that hasn’t already been said a thousand times. Formerly the Skyline GT-R, this generation (R35) is not based on any other vehicle. This one is a pure, concentrated version of the previous generations. For some people, though, this intense focus on speed is not enough. They need a faster car than the stock GT-R. So where does someone with such a request turn to? Well, Alpha Performance is a good place to start.

Alpha GT-R 1

You may recognize the name, as Alpha has built a good number of fast GT-Rs. They also sell kits. The Alpha Omega GT-R is one of the fastest street-legal cars ever built and packs over 2,000 horsepower at the wheels. Alpha even claims the car is tame enough to use on real roads. Whether or not this is true is a matter for debate, but the numbers are very real and the speed is very impressive. Who could have thought that the Hakosuka GT-R would eventually evolve to this point?

Alpha GT-R 2

AMS Performance, a vendor of performance parts and other car accessories, has taken an Alpha tuning package and applied it to their very own GT-R. The result is… well, the result is pretty great. Some gold Strasse wheels and some satin blue paint really make the package complete.

Alpha GT-R 3

Normally GT-Rs that get modified with aftermarket parts fall into one of two categories: aesthetic mods and performance mods. This car absolutely blows that trend away. With about 1,400 horsepower, that’s actually pretty easy.

Alpha GT-R 4

So is this car too much? I think the look is certainly loud and stylized, but so is the stock GT-R.

Alpha GT-R 5

This car can absolutely tear up the pavement and can compete with cars 10x the price. It’s a big mean tuner car and it’s out for blood. And you know what else? It looks great doing it.

Alpha GT-R 6

Go go, Godzilla.




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