An Awe-Inspiring 1,100+ Horsepower, All-Wheel Drive VW Golf Mk I from Boba Motoring

Published December 11, 2015

For anyone unfamiliar with the German tuning outfit that goes by the name of Boba Motoring and their many antics, it may seem confusing to see so many people drooling over a bunch of old Volkswagen hatchbacks. Not just drooling, but posting videos and pictures up of these seemingly unoriginal tuner cars on their Facebook walls and many threads of many forums around the web.


Above is a picture that Boba Motoring put out describing the car that really put them on the map; a MK II VW Golf with over 1,000 horsepower they named 16Vampir. The name is derived from the 16V 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine that has been swapped into this car. With the help of a turbocharger roughly the size of the International Space Station, wheel slip was going to be a problem. To solve this, Boba Motoring connected everything to an AWD platform borrowed from another VW. While the 16Vampir Golf is now putting out more than 1,100 horsepower, this is not the car that I am focusing on today.


Instead I am going to focus on this: a MK I Golf, also converted to AWD and also sporting a turbocharged 2.0 liter engine, that puts out a whopping 1,152 horsepower.

After the little guy passed 1,000 horsepower, videos started popping up of it doing nutty antics all up and down the Autobahn. The car now achieves it’s ludicrous 1,152 horsepower with 54 psi of boost and E85 in the tank.

While the cynics always remark something along the lines of; “Well you can always get a ton of power by putting a big turbo on it, it’s getting it to the ground that’s hard” or, “Yeah I bet you get that power for five seconds before the engine blows itself up,” the fact remains that this car is a feat of engineering.


While their videos show that wheelspin is still a very real problem, the car puts the power down really impressively. The engines don’t just blow up under the stress, and the turbo lag is not nearly as bad as you’d think when you hear ’54 psi of boost in a 2.0 liter engine’. The thing seems to jump all around when you put the hammer down, but such is to be expected when you take a Veyron Super Sport amount of power and put it into a tiny hatchback. I would love to see another Golf that can do a rolling burnout at 120 miles per hour.

I guess my only gripe with this car is the fact that it always gets labeled as a “sleeper”. A sleeper is a car that packs a big punch in the engine compartment and seems like a totally normal car otherwise. This car is just not a sleeper. At all. The huge exhaust spits out flames like a WWII flamethrower and the wheels and stance are very clearly different from a stock car. The turbo can be heard from a mile away and the dog box transmission whines like… well, like a dog.

Not a sleeper. Though, I guess it could be argued that despite looking like a tuned Golf, no one would expect this car to run a 1/4 mile in under 9 seconds. Fair enough, but by that same logic you could call an Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo a sleeper because, while it’s a sports car, no one would guess that it has 1,500 horsepower. Sleepers are sleepers, but this Golf is an absolute beast that deserves to be taken seriously.



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