Another Bad Ass CTS-V Built By D3 Tuning.

Updated March 28, 2015

In the tuner world there are people who are just tinkering with their cars, and then there are people who actually know what they are doing. Now, let’s be clear for a moment, and come to a brief realization that some tuner shops are doing things a lot different than the next guy is, and by no means am I calling anyone incompetent.

Today we are going to discuss a car that was a built by a group of individuals who spent countless hours making this non-autowise.comtuner type of car into a veritable masterpiece on wheels. This group has been in business for a good amount of time, and has steadily made a strong, and reputable name for themselves. So, I present to you the custom designed 2013 Cadillac CTS-V, built by D3 Tuning for BTX Global Logistics.

Now, before we get into the build, let’s take a quick look at D3 Tuning, and see how they tie into this marvel of automotive genius. It seems that back in 2005 D3 Tuning established themselves as “The #1” aftermarket tuning shop of Cadillac, and General Motors. In simpler terms, these guys laid an undeniable deal on the table, and basically told GM that we will never do, or build anything that will jeopardize your name, nor will we ever fail you as a custom GM tuner. That took guts, a Red Bull, and a set of brass balls to pull that off, and it worked. Ever since that faithful agreement, whenever GM wants a Cadillac tweaked for a specific event, or put together for a racing series, D3 has been, and will be there to make it happen. As a matter of fact, the 2013 D3 Tuning Cadillac ATS was featured on Motor Trend about a week ago, and it was pitted against a European tuned BMW M3. So it’s obvious to see that these guys know what they are doing. Now onto the build.

autowise.comThe Lowdown: A $70,000 dollar 2013 Cadillac CTS_V Black Diamond Edition was procured for the task of creating a monster that no one would soon forget. From this point forward, the decision had to be made on whether to make this a track star, or an everyday driver that could handle it’s own on the track, if necessary. The latter was chosen. D3 Tuning took the brand new whip, went to work, and began the transformation. D3’s own custom wide body kit was molded to the body, giving it a stance like no other car on the road. The front fascia was adorned with D3 Tuning’s very own Noir Black Package, which simply blacks out all of the trim pieces that can be seen by the naked eye. The grille, trunk piece, side air vents, and window trims were now all blacker than midnight on Halloween. Accompanying the body kit, and the Noir Package were the wheels, and a massive ass rear wing. The wheels were made by CEC, and they are c885 wheels adorned with a matte black finish, and transparent red outer lip for contrast, and damn does it work! And of course you couldn’t do wide body anything without a staggered fitment setup. 21” x 10.5” in the front, and 21” x 14” in the rear. Dude, that’s just straight bananas right there!! An X5 don’t even roll like that. Getting to the rear of the car, you find that “Mines is Bigger” style APR GT500 fully adjustable Carbon autowise.comfiber wing. Add to this carbon fiber party you will find, a carbon fiber rear diffuser, carbon fiber, double sided ventilated hood, competition front splitter, rain guards, and some splashes of red paint here, and there just so they match the shoes of that smokin’ hot babe that’ll be stepping out of there later on in the evening. As far as power goes, a stock CTS-V makes 555hp to the wheels, D3 Tuning upped the ante by adding another 340hp on top of what was already there. Parts such as heavy duty cams, lighter pulleys, custom lid spacer, a Stage 2 Intake, custom Xpipe exhaust from Stainless Works, MSD wiring, NGK Spark Plugs, and then add in a dual mapping system that now infuses Methanol with an 85/91 octane split. So now this beast will never see a set of taillights on a drag strip, being that it’s pushing around 900+ hp. That is truly bad ass.

At this point, no one really cares what BTX does, or who’s the lucky bastard that will be pushing this bad boy around from time to time. In all reality, now that you’ve seen the pics, and have taken the time to drool, and then made some of these pics into wallpapers, you have to wonder what will be the next project that rolls out of the D3 Tuning shop. Well all I can say is, just stay tuned to Gearheads, and you’ll find out one way or another. 




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