2013 VR1200 CTS-V Coupe

Another Veyron Killer. The 1200HP, 2013 VR1200 CTS-V

Updated February 8, 2017

2013 VR1200In news that arrives slightly later, than not at all, there’s more tuning news form the Hennessey shop. It seems like John Hennessey has been keeping his team busier than bees in hive, this year. With projects like the Hennessey CTS-V Hammer Wagon , or the Hennessey Velociraptor, the SRT Viper 1000R, and to top off the cake of power, and dominance they dove head first into the Cadillac brand, and got their hands on another CTS-V, but this time it’s the Coupe.

The 2013 VR1200 aka Hennessey’s ridiculously powered 2013 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe is up on the chopping block right now, and we are going to jump in, and see what’s going on with this beast. It’s one thing to think that the CTS-V Coupe wasn’t fast enough on it’s own, but then to fathom what it could do if it were in the hands of men who didn’t understand the term, too much is not enough. Well, like with all of Hennessey’s other projects all the power for their 2013 VR1200 came from remapping the engine so that it could produce power that the all mighty GM themselves could not have even come close to making.




This time around, instead of working on what was already in the car, the Hennessey team hand crafted, and painstakingly

VR1200 CTS-V Coupe Motor

7.0L LS7 Twin Turbo-charged V8

built 12 of the most awesomely, outrageous engines on this side of the planet. The 2013 VR1200 conversion begins when you bring your 2013 CTS-V Coupe to the shop in Texas, sit back, and watch how the team goes into Bronx Chop Shop mode, and begin to pull your beloved 550hp motor from it’s old home. The next step to this madness is installing a severely tuned LS7 V8 motor, that seems to look like it took part in the latest Frankenstein movie, because of the massive twin turbo setup that is sitting on it. After the motor is set into it’s new home, all of the major fuel lines, oil hoses, and coolant supplies are squeezed into the engine bay, after which the final step is then to remap the ECU for it’s fully adjustable settings, so as to achieve the Veyron killing, Agera stomping, GTR demolishing 1,220hp figures. Yes, I said it. One Thousand Two Hundred, and Twenty Horse Power. Just saying it sends a chill down my spine.

The 2013 VR1200 has already achieved more than fabulous sounding numbers, such as a 2.67 zero to sixty (0-60) time, and a top speed of 224mph. Of course non of this would be humanly possible if General Motors’ Magnetic Ride suspension wasn’t a part of the plan. The wheel & tire combo remain the same, unless somebody can find a stickier set of tires to make this car go any faster. Like all of the projects, pricing needs to be discussed in person, and if Hennessey VR1200 2013that’s the case, you need to hurry up, because Hennessey is only making twelve(12) of these beasts for the world to enjoy. So expect to see the 2013 VR1200, just as much as you would see a Ninja at Starbucks. The Veyron, and his million dollar friends need to be on the lookout for the VR1200, because their days of being at the top of the food chain are numbered.


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