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April 1st Automotive Innovations Worth Exploring

Genius Innovations or Marketing Stunts, You Decide

Automotive April Fools 2021 Giant Loop Bumer Bag

Every year the PR and marketing people at companies around the globe put their creative energies into products that are so revolutionary they can only hit the market one special day a year. Today is that day, April, 1st, 2021. Today, there are some truly creative marketing professionals flexing their muscles in the automotive world.

Let’s dive into our favorite new 2021 April first product launches.

Method Carbon Fiber Beadlock Wheels

With only a limited run of 1,000 Method Race Wheels Carbon Fiber Beadlocks, each with a numbered authentication plaque for your vehicle, these off-road wheels are sure to be the hottest commodity on the overland scene. Get them while you can!

“We’re taking our wheels to a whole new level of lighter, stronger, faster! Introducing the first ever Method Race Wheel 105 carbon fiber beadlock wheel in our new Carbon Series! You don’t have to buy a Ford GT500 or a Ferrari 488 Pista to own a set of carbon fiber wheels anymore, when you can cop our revolutionary carbon fiber beadlock wheel for your off-road build. The bolts are made of patent Ultra-Black Vibranium. It features resistant cross-linked polymer embedded with extruded carbon strands. We are launching the wheel with an exclusive Method B.R.O.N.Z.* carbon hue made from the addition of orange-infused Adamantium. Only 1,000 wheels have been made and each have been serialized and includes a badge of authenticity for the vehicle.

*Beadlock Reconnaiisance Octant Night Zaffer technology: Military grade circular cobalt oxide to help endure lifetime structural integrity.” -Method Race Wheels

Roofnest Ostrich

The world of roof-top-tents (RTTs) is ripe for innovation. Roofnest has once again broken the mold with its new Ostrich model. This double-decker tent turns your overland rig into the ultimate multi-room home away from home. Just watch you step out of that top tent when you need to pee in the middle of the night, it’s a long way down!

For extra revenue, you can rent out a room on Airbnb on your next camping trip.

“At Roofnest we are always innovating. This time we’re pretty sure we created the ultimate roof top tent. Sleeps 8 humans and 4 dogs, the Roofnest Ostrich.” -Roofnest

H&R Camber-Plates

It’s all about stance. H&R has created the ultimate Camber-Plates for that perfect ride, with fitments for all the top vehicles. You’ll be the talk of the community at the next Cars & Coffee rolling on H&R Camber-Plates!

“There’s news from the H & R Engineering department – Camber arms and other fall adaptations are now a thing of the past! The H & R CP system comes in different widths & falls. They provide the perfect stance on any vehicle and can be used with both serial and special wheels!” -H&R

Maxtrax Xpand

Never worry about finding room to store or having to buy expensive mounts for your Maxtrax again! The Maxtrax Xpand fit in your pocket, are super lightweight, and ready to go at a moment’s notice. At only $99, these new traction mats can finally compete with all the knockoffs on price, and probably work about as well as the imitators.

Note: Water is required for activation, so be sure to have an ample supply with you on your adventures.

“Introducing… The MAXTRAX XPAND! We’ve been working with the world’s leading molecular nanopolymer technology experts to develop the latest in 4×4 recovery innovation. The pocket-sized MAXTRAX XPAND is designed to fit anywhere, just pour on some water and watch it grow to 10x times its size!

Check out Built Not Bought putting the XPAND to the test! Pre-order yours at the introductory price of just $99.” -Maxtrax

Porsche Patina Paint to Sample

The Porsche currently has 105 individual colors available, and offers a custom Paint to Sample program. There latest Patina to Sample program offers an all new option to make your new Porsche look classic from day on. With this new oxidation process with the paint you can get a “what you might say rusty look.” Makin a new Porsche uniquely yours has never been so easy!

Dodge Do Not Disturb Button

As Dodge continues to Hemi (and Hellcat) all the things it has finally heard your neighbor’s cries. Every new Hemi-powered Dodge comes with a “Do Not Disturb” button. That doesn’t mean you need to use it though!

“We finally listened to your neighbors. Introducing the all-new SRT Do Not Disturb Mode. No more noise complaints.” -Dodge

Giant Loop Bümer Bäg Air Armor System

Giant Loop Bümer Bäg Air Armor System was developed with the best partner in automotive airbag technology out there, Takata. Your next adventure ride to Starbucks will be the safest it’s ever been!

Be sure to ride responsibly though, and without a passenger. The Bümer Bäg might be a real bummer when it ejects your passenger upon inflation.

“After a decade of research, development and testing, adventure proof packing systems and gear innovator Giant Loop proudly introduces the world’s first integrated safety air bag system for motorcycles, the Bümer Bäg.

This first-of-its-kind air armor system integrates with Giant Loop’s soft luggage, deploying on impact to instantly bubble wrap riders in ballistic bounce proof protection.

“We were able to source air bag components directly from automotive industry supplier Takata in Japan,” explains Giant Loop’s chief safety officer, Winn Boggs. “This space age technology is finally being made available to powersports manufacturers.”

To shave pounds and expense, the Bümer Bäg can be recharged with off-the-shelf CO2 cartridges from motorcycle tire repair kits. It is also compatible with tubeless tire plugs for easy repairs.” -Giant Loop

SW Motech ELITE Top Case

Your budget milk crate moto carrying case has nothing on the latest and greatest from SW Motech! The SW Motech ELITE Top Case brings German engineering and top features to a tried and true staple around the globe. It’s is quite the value at $299.95. It’s even perfect for bringing your pup along for the ride!

“We are proud to announce the first product in a new line of highly aerodynamic motorcycle luggage, we’ve dubbed ELITE. The latest iteration of German engineering represents an evolution of luggage design we hope will transform what riders can expect from their luggage systems!

Honeycomb ABS construction adds significant strength and long-term durability while limiting weight to meet the demanding regulations of racing applications, such as the KLR Grand Prix and the DR650 Grand Nationals drag racing series.

The unique design also allows canine co-pilots a secure perch without impairing breathing or ventilation vital to a pet’s well-being. SW-MOTECH has plans to release a high-traction, claw-resistant accessory insert that will fit into the bottom of the ELITE Top Case in the future. Matching “doggles” are sold separately.

The ELITE Top Case takes a revolutionary approach to luggage security by providing the rider with real-time inventory information and notification of missing items. No more fumbling with locks or annoying lids to see if your stuff is still all there!

Please note the TRAX accessory liner bag is not recommended for riders requiring the aerodynamic or security features offered by the ELITE luggage design. Do not place pets inside the TRAX accessory liner bag.

The ELITE Top Case starts at $299.95.” -SW Motech

NEW EVENT: 2022 Roar Before the Rolex 24 At Daytona

Innovations on April 1 aren’t limited to products. The new 2022 Roar Before the Rolex 24 At Dayton IMSA race is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

“When the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship returns to Daytona International Speedway next January, there will not only be a “Roar,” but also a “Whoop!”

Motorsports Hall of Fame of America inductee Ricky Carmichael, who for the past 14 years has designed the course used for the annual Supercross event at Daytona International Speedway, has been enlisted to design an infield dirt circuit to be used by the WeatherTech Championship sports cars during the Roar Before the Rolex 24 At Daytona.

The circuit will be used for a special, 20-minute-plus-one-lap race featuring all five WeatherTech Championship classes which will take the green flag at 12 a.m. ET on Saturday, Jan. 1, 2022 and will air live on NBC. Each car’s finishing position in the race will be used to establish its starting position for the Motul Pole Award 100, which is used to establish each car’s starting position for the Rolex 24 At Daytona.” -IMSA

April Fools Automotive Gold

Sadly these amazing innovations will probably only be around today, as it’s April Fools.

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