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ARCH Motorcycles - Method143 (4)

The ARCH Method143 Is A Limited Edition Masterpiece

It’s Not A Cruiser, But The Method143 Is A Very Sporty 2343cc V-Twin

This is the ARCH Method143, and it’s not a cruiser. After pulling the covers off of three new models at Milan’s EICMA show, there was one that clearly stood out from the crowd. It’s called the Method143 and it takes its name from the number of cubic inches that it comes equipped with: 143ci, or 2343cc if you prefer your measurements in metric. Yep, that’s a pretty big figure for a sporty v-twin. But it is sporty, and perhaps we have ARCH’s new partnership with Suter to thank for that?

The Method143 by ARCH Motorcycle Co.

ARCH Motorcycles - Method143 (4)

You read it correctly: the Method143 from the ARCH Motorcycle Company is quite heavy on the displacement side, however it’s not a lumbering hulk like you’d expect from such a large engine size. In fact, the Method143 has been crafted using some rather advanced materials. Using carbon fiber MonoCell chassis technology, a building method that’s more commonly set aside for top-of-the-line supercars or Formula 1 racing chassis, the Method143 is far from what you’d expect.

ARCH Motorcycles - Method143 (5)

It’s not just the lightweight frame that makes the Method143 sports either. The new model comes equipped with mid-body rearsets, low clip on bars, and a riding position that’s more often associated with superbikes than the heavy duty performance cruisers that ARCH Motorcycles are more famous for. And it’s a welcome change.

ARCH Motorcycles - Method143 (2)

To complement the sporty riding position, ARCH have also given the Method143 a sporty suspension system from Öhlins, with an Öhlins FGRT series fork at the front, complete with carbon fiber air foil covers for good measure. BST manufacturer the wheels, though ARCH designed them (that’s why they look a bit like a turbine propeller), and the rear wheel sits in pride of place on an aluminum single-sided swing arm which was expertly CNC engineered by Suter Industries. Other details include a MotoGP inspired exhaust made from titanium and carbon fiber, a special headlight arrangement, and no dashboard – instead, riders will slot their phones into a special recess, and the cell phone does the job instead.

ARCH Motorcycles - Method143 (1)

If you want one of these…well, you’re probably out of luck already. The Method143 is a limited edition run, and by “limited” they weren’t kidding. According to the UK’s Motofire website, the ARCH Motorcycle Co. are limiting the Method143 to a mere 23 units. Yep, twenty-three. As for the price? Well, Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger’s motorcycles aren’t particularly cheap anyway, but throw in an exclusive carbon fiber chassis, a MotoGP exhaust from Suter, BST wheels and more, and then limit production to 23 models only… Well, simply put: it’s not going to be a realistic purchase for the average rider.

ARCH Motorcycles - Method143 (3)

Give Motofire a visit for more pictures from Milan’s EICMA festival.


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