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Aria Group’s American Hybrid Hyper Car Pushing 1150HP!

FXE: An American Hyper Car Challenging High End Rivals

Thinking about hyper cars brings images of Koenigsegg and Bugatti, as well as other exotic brands. There are very few American vehicles in this class so when they come along, they need to be special. In this case, we have Aria Group’s FXE, a hybrid pushing 1150 horsepower to the wheels.

Coming out of development in California and teased at the LA Auto Show is a gorgeous hybrid monster. The FXE is on schedule for release in the 2019 model year with two variants ready for purchase. What can only be called the ‘base model’ FE is a naturally aspirated mid engine 6.2L V8. However, it’s the FXE that has the stats to turn heads and draw our attention to American hyper car power.

Powerful Hybrid Powertrain

Aria’s FXE is the top of the line as far as their products are concerned. An eight speed sequential puts the driver in charge of a hybrid powertrain with more than a little pep. The combustion engine portion of the car is a V8 packing about 720 horsepower. Assisting this are two axial flux electric motors that push an additional 540 hp to the wheels. In total, there’s a staggering 1150 horse and 1316 pound feet of torque.

The FXE power train setup has combustion driving the rear wheels while the electric motors are pulling from the front. A 10 kilowatt hour battery has more than enough juice to keep up the demand for those with a heavy foot. Raw power alone isn’t everything, as we know all too well from a lifetime of loving vehicles.

Lightweight Construction

As a result, a lightweight carbon fiber chassis is a great starting point to taking advantage of 1150 horsepower. From there, body panels made of the same weight saving material are added for the beautiful shape of the FXE. To shave even more pounds from this hyper car, Aria Group is also replacing some components with titanium as well.

Towards the end of 2019 deliveries of the limited run of the FE and FXE models will begin. There will only be a grand total of 400 of the hyper car between the two versions rolling out of production facilities.

With customer orders having the opportunity for option selects, the price of each is likely to be different form the next. However, Aria has assured those interested that pricing will be competitive to their most direct competitors. This means that the initial asking price is likely to be somewhere around the $1 million mark.

There are none of these cars out there for those outside of the company to test yet but 2019 is on its way. We patiently await the day we start to see these American made hyper cars to start rolling out. Whether it’s on the road or out at the track, the FXE is sure to turn heads and wow most people.

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