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Photos Submitted to Insurance Company

Arkansas Woman’s Insurance Misunderstanding Goes Viral!

A Fantastically Innocent Blonde Moment to Distract You From Your Day

We’ve all had those embarrassing “blonde moments” where we do something incredibly stupid and become the center of the spotlight for everybody to laugh at hysterically.  This is the case for an Arkansas woman whose misunderstanding with an insurance agent ended up going viral for the whole world to see.

Photos Submitted to Insurance Company

After 25-year old teacher Alyssa Stringfellow submitted a request to an insurance company to be insured under her grandmother’s car, she received a request from the insurers for “Front and side photographs” to complete her application for insurance.  Without giving it much thought, the young Arkansan asked her mother to take photographs of her (person) and send the images to the insurance company.  Upon receiving the images, she received an e-mail from the insurance agent that stated, “I am going to need pictures like you just took, except it needs to be of your vehicle.”

Alyssa Stringfellow's Viral Misunderstanding

While most of us would turn bright red and sweep this as far under the rug as possible, Stringfellow was very positive about her mishap and shared her experience on her Facebook page.  Her post quickly went viral and has already received over 25,000 shares and thousands of likes as well.  Most of Stringfellow’s audience has been very positive and nice as well.  For example, one of the many comments read, “Hey at least you can laugh at yourself about it! That’s the best part! In a world that’s so damn serious all the time, nice to have a funny moment like this!!! You might as well start a series of “memes” with your picture!!!”

The incidental internet star posted a follow-up video on her Facebook page this morning thanking viewers for sharing her post and hoping that it brought laughter to their day.  In her follow-up video, Stringfellow says, “I think we’ve all done silly stuff.  I think we all have those moments when we’re looking for our glasses and the entire time they’re right on top of our head.  It’s one of those things that I can totally laugh at.”

Alyssa Stringfellows Follow-up Video

So, while it’s got to be terribly embarrassing for the young woman, we’re glad to see that she has a great sense of humor about the situation.   Stringfellow noted that she has been contacted by people all around the world about her post/misunderstanding.  Who knows what the future may bring for this girl that now has a huge following for making such a simple yet hilarious mistake?


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