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Aspark Owl

Aspark Owl Is The Quickest Car In The World

Japanese Aspark Owl Will Accelerate To 60 In Sub 2 second time

Published September 18, 2017

Behold: a car with a name just as unusual as its appearances. Unusual or not, you are, apparently, looking at the quickest car ever made. It is capable of accelerating to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds. The Aspark Owl, revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month, takes the prospects of fast electric cars and takes it to a whole another level.

Aspark Owl

Yes, it is electric, it is a supercar, and it is super light (under 1,900 lbs). It’s also super low at a mere 39 inches tall. Developed and produced by Aspark Co. Ltd. the Owl makes its debut into the world of electric supercars – a world we were pretty sure Tesla would end up dominating. Although information about the car is limited despite its proud showcase at the 2017 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, we do know it features some kind of carbon fiber tubular chassis and carbon fiber body. These engineering feats are no doubt responsible for the car’s sub-ton curb weight. TAo prove it really does work, Japanese Gigazine magazine revealed intense footage of the car undergoing testing. Sure, we can only see the undercarriage with the chassis and engines, but even that is enough to see the thing actually works. And it has four-wheel drive, of course. Note the axles front and back in the video attached below.

Aspark Owl in the Flesh at the Frankfurt Motor Show

The good news is that the Frankfurt Motor Show did produce a solid copy of the car, and not just promises of what could be. It was not an incredibly flashy presentation, but we did see a car, and that is what matters the most.

Aspark Owl

The company started the development process back in 2014. With a clear vision, the engineers set out to produce the quickest electric supercar in the world. Yet, the Japanese didn’t want to just drop in a few extremely powerful electric motors and call it a day. No, no, no – lightness was the only option. The car is so absurdly light that the only explanation is that they have been taking classes from Colin Chapman and the folks at Lotus. The body of the Aspark Owl weighs in at a mere 110 lbs. That’s beyond incredible, to say the least. The rest of the weight is all the fun stuff – drivetrain, batteries, suspension and chassis.

Aspark Owl

Making an electric car so light did require some serious sacrifices, especially in terms of battery capacity. The Owl offers only 93 miles of driving range. We’d wager that’s if you drive it like an absolute saint, too. If you’re tearing ass down the highway or doing multiple pulls, you can probably expect a lot less.  Nevertheless, with so little weight the luxuries will not be abundant, and surprisingly, the electric engines are not exactly that powerful.

Aspark Owl

The Aspark Owl is entrusted with 430 hp and 563 lb-ft of electric power. Thanks to that torque, massive tires (275 for the front and 335 at the back) and all-wheel drive, the car can slingshot itself to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds. Again, allegedly, as some have already suggested that even with the most advanced road-going tires of today, the rubber simply cannot provide that much grip to cope with the acceleration forces.

Aspark Owl

The Aspark Owl leaves us with a few questions, namely – will this actually happen? Does it have a chance to happen? Or is it just another promise we will never see the fruition of?

Hopefully, the Japanese company is able to pull it off.

Aspark Owl

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