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Aston Martin and Lamborghini Take a Shot at Porsche

Published July 17, 2012

Porsche has started a trend. The Cayenne which is so admired and popular got Lamborghini’s and Aston Martin’s designers and engineers and number crunchers and bottom line obsessed alike all sent into a feverish pitch to catch up to Porsche. Ze Germanz. Those diabolical fiends. Tapping into the market of luxury sport crossover vehicles is a challenge for a variety of reason. Not the least of which when you’re the likes of high end luxury or sport automaker is trying to satisfy everyone. There are those who will point an accusatory finger with an arched brow and question your business getting involved with crossovers and SUV’s. Those purists out there who feel you’ve sold out unless you give them so astounding, so earth shatteringly cool they are completely distracted by the fact that you did indeed sell out and sell your corporate soul for the sake of survival in a brutal economy. But the fact is, a corporation has no soul, so sell away. Sell away.

But who is anyone to judge really. We would all of us sell nuns a box of used condoms if it meant our family’s survival. In this case that box of used condoms comes in the form of the Lamborghini Urus and the Aston Martin Lagonda.

Let’s take a look at what Lamborghini has to offer first. The Urus. To start, horrible name. No idea what they were thinking here. After some research it’s hard to actually tell what inspired the name but its possible it comes from an extinct cow, the last of which died in some Polish forest in 1627. That is one dumb cow. Lets hope the same doesn’t apply to Lamborghini’s Urus. Beyond that we have to admit that the Urus is a solid design. Not surprisingly it’s a hot truck. Although there was some wincing before unveiling from those recalling the awkward looking eyesore concepts the Conquisto. We don’t know much about these concepts but what we do know is that Lamborghini is promising horsepower to the tune of 600. This won’t be coming from the classic Italian Lamborghini V12. Rather when we raise the hood we’ll apparently find a Volkswagen turbocharged V8. Too stop laughing please remember, 600hp. It’s hard to understand why Lamborghini is incapable of building a turbo charged V8 of their own but likely it is a cost saving measure since Audi/Volkswagen now owns Lamborghini. It all sounds like a daytime soap opera and hopefully the move doesn’t sink the Urus before it leaves the dock. Because honestly, no one can imagine a self respecting Lamborghini purist or even passing fan is going to want a Lamborghini powered by Volkswagen. But only time will tell. The Lamborghini Urus is expected to compete with the Porsche Cayenne turbo so the price range will be anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000. Good luck Lamborghini.

That leaves us with the Aston Martin Lagonda. The big news is that when the truck was unveiled back in 2009 at the Geneva Auto Show the attending crowd might as well have booed the thing right out of the building. A thoroughly embarrassed Aston Martin’s response was to axe the whole idea and move on to something, anything else. But there are rumors the truck is back on the design board and moving forward with determination. And hopefully the new design won’t choke like Alex Rodriguez.



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