900 HP Atieva Edna Electric Minivan Destroys Tesla and Ferrari in a Drag Race (Video)

Published July 21, 2016

Before you ask: “No, it’s not a production vehicle and you won’t be able to buy one, ever”. Sadly, Edna is only a powertrain test vehicle which allows the up and coming EV manufacturer to check on their current progress. While they usually do that inconspicuously, on the city streets, they sometimes have to change their routine. Some tests are simply too dangerous for traffic-clogged streets. Luckily for us, they decided to give us a treat this time around.

atieva 1

We have already written about the racing potential some minivans possess, but this tops the lot. Guys from Atieva took their testbed to Crows Landing, California and pitted it against Tesla Model S and an unspecified Ferrari. The result? A sounding victory for the Edna which practically mopped the floor with much pricier opponents. Edna managed to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.08 seconds which is criminally insane considering it’s a minivan. Now, I know Ludicrous Mode Tesla Model S can do that in 2.8 seconds, but this one obviously lacked the expensive package. The Ferrari came in last, so I’m not wasting any more time on it.

atieva 2

Atieva is planning on introducing their first car in 2018. It will be a sedan, and it will be followed by two crossovers in 2020 and 2021. They will likely all be powered by the similar powertrain Edna is currently tied to. Edna, which actually closely resembles second generation Mercedes-Benz Vito (probably because it is the MB Vito), features duo of electric motors and a large 87 kWh battery pack. It also has couple of gearboxes and two sets of power electronics. The entire setup is capable of generating no less than 900 horsepower. Tesla and Ferrari don’t make that combined which might be the reason behind their downfall against Atieva’s lightning fast cargo hauler. Take a look at it for yourselves in the video below.


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