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Forgive us for the lack of updates today, were balls deep in doing a lot of work on a couple of projects for clients. One of which is finding ATVs that are upto Western standards, for Europe and America as well as mountain bikes for Spain. Did we mention that as well as loving cars, we also love mountain bikes? Probably not. Ash, the other China Car Times guy, did manage to bust his arm and shoulder up pretty well the other week whilst mountain biking! ha ha ha ! Anyway, he seems okay. Look at his pretty dislocated arm xray ha ha ha!

Anyway, well show you what we found:

This off road go kart has a 150cc engine with a top speed of 55kph and weighs 210kgs, the fuel tank is 7.0L so its got plenty of fuel space. The best part is the price, $800USD. Bargain. We want ten! (actually, I dont have the space to park one) The company that makes this kart has a series of others too, all well priced.

Chinese Quad/ATV Bikes

This ATV bike is one of a large and pretty cool range from a Chinese supplier, its 300cc with a reverse gear, single cylinder, 4 stroke, 2 wheel drive. Its $1400USD plus you can get a lot of optional extras, including chrome rims! What more do you need for ripping around your palatial manor?

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes dont seem that popular as a sporting tool in China as they do in America or Europe, but the Chinese seem to making some damned nice ones! Check out this Speedone full suspension cross country frame. Made in China, but to a Taiwanese owner. Scandium frame, with carbon fiber chain stays. It looks beautiful, and the price is equally beautiful at $700.00. Click the thumbnails to make them bigger, you know you want to.



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