BMW 640i Gran Coupe

Audi A7 3.0 T Quattro vs BMW 640i Gran Coupe

Published August 27, 2012

I was at my neighbor’s house having a chat with him while he washed his beautiful gray Audi A7. I then remembered an article in Motor Trend Magazine of the Audi versus the BMW 640I coupe. I usually read the whole article, but at the least, I read all the specs. I first look at the price as tested. Base price is about $16,000 apart. However, prices tested, it is $67,000 dollars verses $105,000. That is a lot of cheese, nearly 40,000 dollars! With that price in mind, and I see the Audi’s 5.1 seconds versus BMW’s 5.4, I have to show my way from BMW, even though I am a bit of a BMW fan because of the original 135I convertible.

Aaudi A7 Quattro

Now I love most cars, however, there is something about German cars, since they are designed for the Autobahn. The factors of price, and the performance ratios, made it so that I did not want to read any further. I was very sad. How could it be? My beloved BMW designs something beautiful but so much more costly than Audi, why? Alas, if you put the price aside, the interior of the BMW, particularly the leather, is quite beautiful and, although without the leather dash might not be so luxurious, it is technological. He did comment on the comfort level of those seats as BMW does make some nice seats, even my friend Chris who has a Lexus might even agree with that.


To see these together, right next to each other, it looks a little like the front of the Audi just seems like it would be pushing more air and perhaps might even be less aerodynamic. I do not know if it is just an optical illusion or just the way it looks in the picture but I must say that it does not look efficient… seems like the aerodynamic  pointy nose of the BMW has to be more efficient. I could be wrong though, I am not a scientist.

BMW 640i Gran Coupe

I really just cannot get over this price difference. For that kind of money, you can get a nice car that performs well. I have to say, if I had a choice between an Audi A7 and another car worth $40,000 for the price of BMW, I think I would trade that BMW for those two cars. I mean, it looks nice on the inside, but I do not know how people like the outside, I think it looks fast sitting still. That is in line with the BMW design philosophy. However, it is not as fast as it looks, so what is the point?
I would say it is more a family vehicle, but it beats a station wagon, and has a little more space, but the back just looks so streamlined. The car looks like a modern work of art. I am not going to say that the sloped back is in, it is a little bit funky in person, but there still an element of just the sheer sports car like feel to it.


Ultimately, to pay that much more money to be surrounded by luxury in the BMW, (I do love a leather stitch dash), I might actually just go for some fully loaded beautiful sedan that I can retire in. Give me that BMW interior in the Audi, at the same price, and I would take that. All that makes me think this is not exactly quite a fair comparison, but then I remembered were talking about cars and not interiors. In that case, those from a sheer mechanics of it, just the sheer car, that only barely favors the Audi.


There is still something about the BMW; they are the ultimate driving machine with a passion. That is not to say that the makers of the Audi do not also have a passion for cars; there is just something Swiss watch like about BMW. In addition, that body is just great; I love the sloped back even more when it has a little bit of a trunk. It almost looks like they did a little bit of a stretch of the rear quarter panel about from the rear wheel well back into the truck while keeping the length of the car and wheelbase the same. I like it, I think I actually like it better than the Audi… if you do not consider the price… I just cannot get past it.



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