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Updated September 24, 2018

Over the past 10 years, automotive lighting has progressed by leaps and bounds. Gone are the old halogen headlamps replaced by HID, Projector, and Xenon lights. Then we have Audi who is always at the forefront of automotive technology. Audi gave us the LED daytime running light in 2006 and since that time almost every automotive manufacture had tried to mimic and copy that sexy design. Wanting to stay a step ahead of the pack, Audi recently unveiled a brand new Laser Light which is most certainly the future of automotive lighting.

 Audi Laser Headlights 1

The Audi Laser Light headlights will be featured as a high beam to start with. This laser light technology is smaller than anything previously but packs twice the power, enough to light up the asphalt for almost 1/3 of a mile ahead of you. The way it works is a small laser diode with a blue beam (similar to that of a laser pen) is projected onto a small phosphorus point contained within the headlight device. When the blue laser interacts with the phosphorus point the beam is turned into white light which is far more powerful that LED and HID lights.

Audi Laser Headlights 2

This technology is used in the Audi R18 e-tron Le Mans race car and will trickle down to the U.S car market in a few years. From the looks of it the new Audi Laser Light will once again revolutionize the automotive headlight market.

Audi Laser Headlights 3

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