Audi R8, The Most Powerful, Fastest Production Audi Ever, Stuns at Geneva

Updated March 9, 2015

Three new versions of the Audi R8, Audi’s flagship supercar, have made their debut at the Geneva International Auto Show.

Featuring vertical slats, a hexagonal grille, and sleek serpentine lines, the R8 V10, R8 e-tron, and R8 LMS are visually more sinister than anything the German automaker has previously produced. However, the second-gen R8 is not just an eye-peeler; it’s got what it takes exactly where it matters with an Audi spokesperson calling it the “most powerful and fastest series-production Audi ever.”


And, oh my, when it comes to power and speed, all three of the R8 models stun. First off, hitting the scales with a dry weight of 3,205.5 pounds, the R8 is lighter than perhaps all of its competitors thanks to it being primarily constructed out of carbon fiber reinforced plastics and aluminum. Combining this race weight with the top-of-the-line model’s 610 hp gives you four wheels with a top speed of 205.1 mph (yeah, that extra 0.1 mph makes all the diff, baby!) and a zero to 62.1 mph time of 3.2 ticks of the stopwatch.


Of course, this type of power and speed deserved to be recognized, which is something the car does all by itself. Its headlights, my favorite pair on any production car found anywhere, are now available as lasers in addition to the LEDs that had previously stared down so many drivers in the past few years. Speaking with just its eyes, the new R8 clearly communicates where it sits on the highway pecking order.


But, folks who plunk down the fat sack of cash that the new Audi R8 will cost want more than speed, power, and a gulp-inducing exterior; they also demand an interior that is in fact a cockpit. This is an area in which Audi delivers. Sure, at this point, I could go on about the new headrests, the 12.3-inch display, and the R8’s choices of fine leather, but I will leave that to other auto journalists. Instead, I will get to what you want to know about, the gear you touch, the gear you need to control your new supercar.


The performance steering wheel sports drive, stop, and start controls along with a host of other performance-related buttons. The shift pedal has been flattened to make it even easier for you to quickly skip from one to the next of its seven speeds, while its optional driver’s seat belongs in, well, a cockpit. Its bucket shape is exactly what you imagine is swaddling you as you lay in bed at night dreaming that your toe and heel action has you and your ride accelerating just right out of the corners of some concrete highway behind Krupps steelworks on the outskirts of some German town.



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