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Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition – More “Improvements” In The Price Than In The Actual Car

Updated January 27, 2015

Just like any other model in the RS category, Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition underlines a high level of luxury and the capability to blend aggression and elegance in a very efficient manner. While most fans expected Audi to surprise them with some concepts during the New York Auto Show of 2014, the German manufacturer has decided to make the move earlier than that. This is how the RS7 Dynamic Edition has hit the market. The model is specifically developed for the North American market only. Most changes target the exterior, but the performance has also been enhanced with some slight upgrades.

Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition The Ultimate

Audi has mostly drawn a lot of attention with its exterior. It has always been an aggressive brand, especially if you count the recent models with that wide grille. At the same time, Audi does not bring in the kind of aggression you might find in supercars. Instead, it is also very elegant. All in all, Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition has mostly gone in the aggressive direction. Basically, it comes with a good looking front splitter made of carbon fiber. The rear has not been ignored either. The diffuser is also made of carbon fiber, but it is more dramatic than the original one too.

Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition Interior

As for the colors, buyers have four different options – Phantom Black, Suzuka Grey, Daytona Grey and Ibis White. Both the exterior and performance have been upgraded with 21 inch alloy wheels, yet buyers are free to change them. As for the brake calipers, they have been painted in red. Put the bonnet up and you will be surprised to observe yet another carbon fiber innovation – the engine cover.

Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition Interior II

The interior has been taken through a few updates too. The black Valcona leather seats are different from the units on the original version. Carbon fiber accents and small elements here and there add to the level of luxury. Small details do make the difference in this upgrade. For example, seat belts come in the same nuance of red as specific elements on the dashboard. If you have driven the “less dynamic” edition before, you will spot some changes in the door armrests too, not to mention about the console or shifter.

Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition Back

The actual performance is the element that will entice most car heads out there. Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition comes with the exact same 4L engine. It is a classic V8 engine, but it comes with two turbos. It offers an exquisite power of 560HP, while the car can go from 0 to 60MPH within 3.7 seconds. If you expected any major differences from the traditional RS7, you will be disappointed. The car does have a new exhaust system though.

Despite the brutal acceleration and power, Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition has a decent fuel economy of 19MPG. The engine is set to automatically disable four cylinders if the car is not overused. This technology adds to its efficiency. All these upgrades do add to the costs though, so you better have a good income to cover the price – almost $150,000.

Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition



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