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August 2009 Car Sales Stats

Published September 9, 2009

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Although CCT hasnt yet got around to looking over August 2009?s car sales statistics for China, its looking like it was a bumper month for car makers with many of them posting sales increases of over 100%

  • Shanghai-VW sold 65,000 cars an increase of 109%
  • Shanghai-GM sold 63,000 cars an increase of 100%
  • FAW-VW sold 65,000 cars an increase of 65%
  • Guangzhou-Honda sold 27,000 cars, an increase of 9.5%
  • Beijing-Hyundai sold 51,000 cars, an increase of 208%
  • Dongfeng-Kia sold 21,000 cars, an increase of 105%
  • Changan Ford sold 21,000 cars, an increase of 111%
  • Changhan Mazda sold  5900 cars, an increase of 124%
  • Dongfeng-Citroen sold 21,000cars, an increase of 111%
  • FAW-Mazda sold 8,600 cars, an increase of 15%

So basically, many car companies boosted sales by 100% or more, Beijing Hyundai increased sales by 208%, which is probably why they can afford Saab. Mazda is not doing great in China with its two JV partners, but to still increase its sales by such a small margin is still a good thing when compared to overseas sales.

More statistics coming soon.




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