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Auto Express test drive the NAC MG7

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

I hope they did a bit more than drive it around the NAC MG car park:

MG is back! And standing in the firms factory in China, it seemed scarcely believable that the two-year wait was nearly over.

As the robots whirred and soared above our heads, they were welding and assembling pressed-steel components into the body of what looked suspiciously like a ZT. The instructions on the safety fencing were in Chinese, yet the computer monitoring the robots choreography was displaying English machine code, and had the word Longbridge written in the top corner.

All of this activity proves that MG is most definitely a force to be reckoned with again. To drive the message home, the brands new owner invited Auto Express to be among the first magazines in the world to get behind the wheel of one of the first models off the line – the new MG 7.

As the newcomer rolled into view, initial impressions were good. Despite some early horror stories that suggested vehicle build quality was less than encouraging, we were pleased to see that the cars panel gaps are even, and the paint is both evenly applied and lustrous. A decent start, then.

You can read the rest here at the Auto Express site

Its quite amazing when one looks back and analyzes all of the work that Nanjing has put in the last two years just to get the operation up and running. Sure, some development on new concept cars would have been good at the same time but theyve really done a lot already. Moving machinery from Longbridge, UK to Nanjing, China and then putting it all together again with little or no instructions and then starting to roll out cars on those production lines. Great work Nanjing! Now you just need to match, or do better than the SAIC advertising machine to push that MG7 to the people.

Hey, even The Sun are saying good things about the MG7



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