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Automotive Recall. Mercedes Benz Has A Couple Of Issues.

Published October 19, 2012

We have more automotive recalls to let you all in on. This set of recalls hail from German automaker Mercedes Benz, yes the one and only. Mercedes Benz has more than one automotive recall going on this time around. There’s one recall for flammable refrigerant, and the other for faulty airbags. By the looks of things, Mercedes Benz will have a lot of explaining to do, when their customers come in to have work done.

First off, let’s tackle the issue with the bad refrigerant. Apparently there’s a company that MB SL-65has manufactured a new type of refrigerant that was supposed to be environmentally safe, and MB wanted to give this new refrigerant a real world test, after the fact that they had already been using it in their 2013 SL Class models. Well upon completion of the testing MB found the new type of refrigerant to be potentially flammable. The test that was performed was a head on collision test, and the refrigerant began to heat up as it sprayed on the hot engine. This new refrigerant called R1234yf was supposed to be the new standard for the auto industry as a whole, and this test kind of puts a damper on that movement. Mercedes Benz has a total of 432 SL Class models that were built from 12/19/2011 through 5/31/2012 that need to be brought back in to have the refrigerant replaced. Any owners of this particular model Benz can contact their local dealer, or get in contact with the NHTSA, and refer to recall number 12V478000.

2012 MB E class E550 Mercedes Benz’s next automotive recall pertains to an issue with the airbags. MB claims that specific versions of their 2012 E Class Coupe model are currently driving around with faulty air bags. The E350, and the E550 are two models that were built between April 4, 2012 through June 9, 2012, that have the faulty hardware. Potentially the airbags might not deploy in the event of a crash, or any type of impact, or even worse the airbags might deploy just as a random event. The fault exactly was narrowed down to the stitching of the passenger side curtain airbags, and because of some inadequate stitching the before mentioned problems may occur. After crunching the numbers, MB has tallied that a total of 499 models are affected in this automotive recall. In conjunction with MB, the NHTSA has can be contacted for more information about this recall. When doing so, refer to recall number 12V492000, and any new information will be given out accordingly.

The number for the NHTSA is 800-367-6372.2012 MB E350




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