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Automotive Recalls. Aston Martin & Lotus Take A Hit this Time.

Updated October 14, 2012

In a quick, and brief moment, we find that there’s yet another automotive recall that has been issued for not one but two separate auto makers. Information is limited, but I will do the best I can to lay out all the of the information that will best suit your needs.

2012 Aston Martin V12 VantageSo, first up to bat is the Aston Martin V12 Vantage. I know what you’re thinking, Aston Martin with a recall? How absurd! Yes folks, we live in an age where even the most posh of luxury cars can have a flaw here, or there. Well Aston Martin’s automotive recall affects their TPMS. That’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System, not the other PMS guys. Silly. Anyway, it seems that the TPMS in exactly 169 2009 through 2012 Aston Martin V12 Vantage seem to be malfunctioning in a somewhat weird way. The system is not warning drivers when the “Actual” tire pressure is below 25%. In other words, if one of your tires is leaking, and it reaches a point where it’s either at, or below a 25% air pressure it’s supposed to send a warning to the driver, but in this case that is so not happening. With the wheel, and tire combination that AM uses, driving on rims will take place very quickly, and that’s something you don’t want to come across. Aston Martin’s remedy to this problem is to re-flash, or reprogram the ECU, in order to get the TPMS up, and running again.

Next up on the automotive recall hit list is Lotus. Now as you know, Lotus is a very well Lotus Evora S 2011known, and respectable company. In all reality the Lotus name has not been in the news at all too, too much, but here we are. Now, their issue is a little combination of BMW’s & Honda’s recent automotive recalls. It was noted that the Oil Feed Pipe on 80 of the supercharged Evoras, built from February through September of 2011 are subjected to fail. This type of failure can can be very dangerous, in the sense that once the pipe ruptures it could possibly do one of two things. First off, oil pressure will immediately drop, and cause the engine to seize, and second is the worse case scenario, when oil could spray onto the hot 2011 Lotus Evora engine, thus igniting a fire. Lotus has already made plans on contacting the owners of these cars to bring their cars in, and have the defective part replaced.



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