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2006 Lambo Gallardo

Automotive Recalls. Lamborghini’s In The Hot Seat Now.

Updated October 10, 2012

Hey everyone, I’m glad to see that you could swing by to enjoy another great segment of automotive news provided by the writers of In this segment we going to mull over something that most drivers either laugh at because it hasn’t happen to them, or are highly pissed off due to it actually happening to them. The issue at hand folks, are automotive recalls, and this new recall is a bit of a doozy.

2010 Ferrari 458 ItaliaBefore I get into who was recalled this time around, can we spend a little time ranting about the whole recall thing? I mean there’s been recalls on a pretty wide variety of cars over the past years, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but pretty much all cars on the roads today, were assembled in a manufacturing facility, and built by extremely technological robotic machines, that work within a zero tolerance level. So with that said, why are we as drivers subjected to driving cars, and trucks the either, catch fire, won’t stop, or just simply try to drive away with you whether you like it or not? I so need an answer to that question, but I’ll find that later, back to the grind for now.



Earlier this month the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) came together and issued a formal recall on over fourteen hundred (1,400+) 2004 through 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Coupes, and Spyders. Now before I go any further, doesn’t his sound like something a bit familiar that has taken place a year or two ago? Anybody remember how the Ferrari 458 Italia, & California recalls were blasted all over the news in 2010? Yep, those, but now this time Lamborghini has joined the ranks of the, 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo“What’s that smell?” group. Apparently the “High Pressure” steering pipes that subsequently are connected to the steering pump, may leak said “Steering Fluid” onto a very “hot” ignition source, thus starting a $85,000 dollar engine fire. Well, the great people at Lamborghini, taking pride in what they do, immediately offered up some free repairs for those who are among the 1400 potential moving fire hazards.

Now as I mentioned earlier, I’m at a loss when it comes down to these automotive recalls that keep popping up every now, and again. Ferrari had their fair share of “Glue Fire” recalls in 2010, and all you had to do was ask James May of BBC’s Top Gear about how quickly his Italia 458 went from Ferrari Red to Charcoal Black. Can we say Gone in 60 Seconds? Before that Toyota stayed in the news with reports of various models just taking off, and hurdling themselves, and their drivers to almost certain death, due to stuck gas pedals. And they said the carpets were to blame. Another famous recall came from the Ford factory with their very wide, and numerous Cruise Control Switch Fires.This recall entailed Ford trucks, cars, and vans spontaneously combusting at the drop of a hat. Their problem is like the Lambo’s where power steering fluid would leak onto a constantly hot, always powered, and fused Cruise Control Switch, thus igniting the fluid and then beginning the slow & steady burn of all the

1997 VW Jetta

The Aftermath Of A 2002 Ford F150 Burning To Death Next To My Jetta.

flammables that were begging to meet their maker by fire. I know this from first hand experience.  Here’s the bottom line, automotive recalls suck, and whether you have suffered directly or indirectly, auto makers need to seriously step up their game in order to stay out of the “Breaking News” segment of 

the evening news. Hopefully things will change, and we as drivers will be treated to something better than a bonfire in the engine bay. I like my food cooked on a stove, and not by the exhaust.  



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