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2004 Toyota Prius

Automotive Recalls. Toyota Recalls 2.77 Million Cars.

Published November 14, 2012

Recalled 2004 toyota PriusThere’s a bit of news that is hitting the internet today, and it comes in the form of another automotive recall. Automaker Toyota has issued a massive recall on the car that just about started the entire hybrid car trend, the Prius. Being that this recall was just announced a mere few hours ago, some details may be a little sketchy, but I will give you all that I know.

As it stands Toyota is recalling over 2.77 million cars world wide, in this latest recall, and this time around the issues that have been found are completely unrelated to each other. The first issue stems from the vehicle’s electric water pump potentially being defective, and actually failing. (There haven’t been any documented instances, or accidents due to this issue.) The next issue pertains to the steering intermediate extension shaft having a fault with it as well. There hasn’t been a real definition on what this part actually does, but nonetheless there haven’t been any accidents reported with this issue either. A key point about these two problems is that, in some of the vehicles, both parts will need to be replaced.

2009 Toyota Corolla

This gem is a part of the steering recall.


2008 Toyota Corolla. Called in for bad steering.The Toyota automotive recall affects the following countries. Starting with the United States, there are 670,000 Toyota Priuses that need to be recalled. Where 350,000 of which are said to have both issues, that need to be addressed.


In the UK, the automotive recall affects similar models, as well as the Prius. Those models areThe slick 2009 Toyota Avensis the Avensis, and Corolla. Either of these two models that were built from July 2001 through March 2009, and then the UK Prius that was built from July 2003 through April 2009 will be recalled. Totaling the UK recall numbers at 75,000. This number is included in 496,000 in Europe as a whole. Briefly, for those of you who are not familiar with the Toyota Avensis, it’s steering issue may lead to a knocking, or rattling sound, and then the driver just may notice a reduced, or slower steering response.


Toyota's 2009 Avensis has fallen to steering dramaLastly the Toyota automotive recall hits home, where Japan has a total of 1.5 Million Toyota Priuses involved. Toyota has assured it’s customers that this recall will continue until all of the potential problems are fixed, and nullified. Upon reading this article, and many others like it, Toyota wants drivers of these vehicles to contact their local dealerships immediately for further details. 


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