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Baby Hayabusa Custom 3

Can You Guess The Engine Size Of This “Hayabusa”?

This Bite-Sized Hayabusa Is The Biggest Little Bike We’ve Seen

We’ll give you a clue to start with: it’s NOT actually a Hayabusa. However, if you’re going for Busa looks with a fraction of the power, then this might be the bike for you. So, you’ve got the legendary Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa: an absolute powerhouse, a beast of a bike, a long-term fan favorite, and a never-ending talking point since it first arrived on the scene in the late 90s, right? But what do you do if you want the same head-turning ability but don’t need the 194 (plus) mph engine roaring between your legs? Well, you give India’s GM Customs a call, that’s what.

Baby Hayabusa Custom 3

The Baby Busa: Hero Hayabusa From GM Customs

Baby Hayabusa Custom 4

Like many South and South East Asian countries, big sportbikes are hard to come by, so the local mechanics have to make do with what they’ve got. We’ve seen Chinese made replica Ducati Scramblers, we’ve seen rip-off Ducati Monsters too, but this homemade Hayabusa is our personal favorite. We asked you to guess the engine size, and here’s your answer: this custom Hayabusa was built using parts from two different Hero motorcycles (the Hero Karizma and the Hero Xtreme) and the result is a 150cc, 14 hp screamer. Or whisper, more like.

Baby Hayabusa Custom 1

To get the Hero Hayabusa looking the part, GM Customs fitted it with a scratch built custom body kit, nice wider tires, a dual disc brake arrangement at the front and even hand built the entire dash to replicate the instrumentation of a genuine Hayabusa too. It looks fantastic, but it’s definitely not a Hayabusa – the engine is still a single cylinder, 150cc Hero motor with no mechanical upgrades of any kind…but that doesn’t diminish how cool this little custom is.

Baby Hayabusa Custom 2

Eagle-eyed GSX1300R nerds will probably be able to see a few differences between the Hero Hayabusa and a genuine Hamamatsu-built Suzuki version, such as the brake calipers, or the air vent differences – but give the guys at GM Customs a break! Powerless as it may be, this is still pretty cool in its own right. Maybe the designers at Suzuki should take note? Is a baby Busa what the world needs? Probably not, but it would be fun to see another Busa variant someday…something that’s not so big and bulbous. Or maybe big is beautiful, but that’s a matter of opinion.


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