Back To Basics: The Ford Troller T4

Check Out The Rough And Ready Ford Troller T4!

Updated September 25, 2018

The new Ford Troller T4 is an off road SUV that has been built to tackle any difficult roads or mountain trails that you could possibly take it for a spin on. The Troller T4 has the same tried and true layout that the Ford company has had on it’s SUVs for so long, but it is obvious that the exterior of the vehicle has gone through a major overhaul. The vehicle has been built to look like a tank in many ways from it’s solid four by four design scheme and also with by having a slick interior design that reminds some companies of the original Ford Bronchos from back in the day. However, the Ford Troller T4 is smaller than it’s predecessor vehicles so that the driver can weave through roads with ease.

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Features of The Ford Troller T4

Not only is the SUV perfect for going off roading on the weekends, but it is also being consider and titled a rescue vehicle. This rescue title comes from the fact that there are two off roading bumpers; one bumper on the front and one bumper on the back. Some features of the Ford Troller T4 that are also included are a winch, four seventeen inch wheels, LED spot lights for safer night time travel, the engine has a snorkel included, and those seventeen inch tires? They double as high profile off roading tires perfect for the solid adventurer in you. The paint job is custom with tans and silvers as the main color schemes as well as upgraded leather interior for longer lasting material. The interior is a huge step up from the utilitarian old Ford T4 truck. The design and features of the Ford Troller T4 alone make this a truck worth buying.

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What Do The Professionals Have to Say?

The professionals behind the Ford Troller T4 have mentioned in the past that the Ford company is going to (or has already) develop even more special versions of this type of truck. These special versions will be used for fire safety and services due to how solidly built the trucks are to handle any type of weather or road conditions. These test vehicles are based on the smaller Ford four by four with the off road rescue concept tested by customers to see what their reaction times are in dire situations.

Ford Troller T4 3

What About the Interior and Closing Statements?

The interior is the special part: as well as what is underneath the Ford Troller T4’s hood. With a three point two cylinder engine that is paired with a six speed manual transmission, you will be able to tackle anything that off roading may throw your way. Although this model is currently only being sold in the continent of South America, it will not be too much longer until North American consumers will be able to take this sturdy, off roading rescue vehicle for a spin through dangerous terrain.

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