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Behind The Wheel Of The 2012 Bentley Continental GT

Updated August 11, 2012

My passion for cars is kindled every time a new car hits the street. There are certain cars which catch your imagination and I was lucky enough to make driving the Continental a reality. Excluding the technical aspects, it’s your personal comfort level while in the car that counts. Every year sees a launch of new cars with amazing features and all competing with each other to be at least a mile ahead in the race. The top contender for this year is the 2012 Bentley Continental GT, which is sophisticated, personified and offers the best driving experience. Bentley is steering its way to success and has the right features to be termed as a leader of luxury car manufacturers. For those who love cars just for the sake of it are sure to be fascinated by the stunning features the car has to offer. Apart from the head-turning looks, the car also guarantees high efficiency and energy thanks to the V8 engine with 4.0 liter capacity. To call it an innovation is an understatement as its petrol efficiency has not found a parallel thanks to its overwhelming capacity to produce energy up to 500bhp.

Inside, the car is just what you would expect. An 8-inch screen built in with a DVD player and integrated navigation sitting smoothly on the dash. The eight speaker audio system deserves the fullest praise for its optimum performance. You are sure to get a complete sound experience that you just don’t get with a basic sound system many cars, even new ones, come with. The amusement systems include 15GB storage facility for music, SD and USB Slots, CD filter and the touch screen provides traffic data to ensure calculated driving. I should say that the interior of the car offers an equally stunning experience much similar to the driving experience with lighter corners making Continental GT Bentley sportier compared to its earlier version.  The integration of primary control, dash vents and instrumentation is superior by any standards. The lighter seats are more inviting with generous space for head and shoulders and comfortable leg room for front passengers.

Safety measures are extremely important and Bentley adequately addresses the safety concerns of the occupants in this car. The anti-lock brakes enable the tire, which stops rotating to rotate again by modulating the pressure of the brake thus ensuring that the vehicle turns comfortably and gracefully. Protection of head owing to frontal crash is enabled by front-impact airbags. All safety concerns are duly addressed by including side, overhead and knee airbags. The security system of the car prevents an intruder from using a duplicate key to start the car as the car does not start unless the original key is used.

The finer aspects said I could not afford to overlook the lack of comforts for passengers in the rear seats. I should say being a slightly above average tall person that I am, my leg movement was greatly restricted when I took the back seat for once leaving the control of wheels to another person. At the end of the day, it is a pretty heavy and expensive car. If you’re looking for top luxury however, it’s almost impossible to ignore Bentley.. One cannot afford to overlook the aspect that there are cars, which come in with more comforts for a lesser price.





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