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Beijing’s Jeeps Look Better than Jeep’s

Published April 25, 2013

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There I said it. I dont feel ashamed either. Beijings B40 Wrangler enthused model looks like what a 21st Century Wrangler should look like, but it falls apart in the power department. Under the hood of the B40 is the choice of an ancient diesel or a Saab derived 2.3/2.0T engine mated to a 5 speed gearbox, no Pentastar power for this B40 just yet.

The Wrangler also boasts a 65 year unbeatable off road ability that is able to take you anywhere anytime, the B40 is still unproven. The B40 has been floating around for years but never made it to market, it seems this year is going to be the year the B40 finally makes it to market alongside the Saab derived Shenbao series (Senova in English) of cars, prices havent been announced as of yet but we dont expect it to be affordable.

We wait to see a Wrangler Vs B40 off

road comparison test in the next six months.




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