Most Relable American Cars According To Consumer Reports

Best American Cars According to Consumer Reports

Are These The Most Reliable American Cars?

Updated November 13, 2018

Before we begin, let’s clarify one thing: these are the 10 highest-scoring current american vehicles according to the car buyer’s best friend – Consumer Reports.

They are listed under 10 different categories and only best-rated car from every single category has made the list. This leaves us thinking: “Could have this list been arranged differently if that wasn’t the case?” In other words, could one category feature more than a single car, thus eliminating another category? In any case, you’ll also notice that this list doesn’t feature categories like compact SUV or mid-size pickups. That’s because no American manufacturer has any models in these categories that have earned Consumer Reports’ recommendation. Yes; apart from having to fulfill a certain overall rating requirements, these vehicles have to get Consumer Reports’ recommended badge as well. As for the overall scores themselves, Consumer Reports weigh the final mark between criteria like road tests, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety. Finally, neither of these models has to have “Made in America” badge. After all, there are less than 10 cars earning that moniker this year according to American Automobile Labeling Act. Let’s look at the best and most reliable American cars out there!



The Highest Rated Cars According To Consumer Reports

Chevrolet Sonic LT (1.8L)

Subcompact car – overall score 65

Handsome Chevy Sonic is available in both sedan and hatchback guises as any small car should be. LT trim represents a mid-ground, not counting the sporty RS models. It’s fitted with the standard 1.8L 4-cylinder engine which is recommended over smaller 1.4L turbo four, and its price tag depends mostly on chosen transmission. While hatchbacks are some $600 more expensive than sedans, automatic transmission warrants $1,390 higher sticker than the manual.

sonic lt

Ford C-Max Hybrid SE

Compact car – overall score 69

Ford C-Max Hybrid SE is the most inexpensive way to own this compact MPV hatchback. 2016 year models start from $24,170 and represent the best value package, while next trim level costs whole $3,000 more. 40 mpg combined stated by Ford are sure to return on the investment rather fast, but Ford and EPA don’t exactly share the same views on the matter. Still, C-Max Hybrid SE represents one of better American cars you can buy at present.

c-max hybrid

Ford Fusion SE (1.5T)

Mid-size car – overall score 77

It’s no secret that Ford Fusion is among the best mid-size sedans in the US market, and SE tier pays off the most. This mid-level trim starts from MSRP price of $23,830, but you’ll get even more out of it if you choose the optional 1.5L EcoBoost engine. This package costs additional $745, but saves on fuel thanks to its auto start-stop feature. After all, 37 mpg on the highway in a mid-size sedan really looks like a bargain.

fusion se

Chevrolet Impala 2LTZ

Full-size car – overall score 81

Chevy Impala certainly isn’t the same car it used to be back in its heyday, but this doesn’t mean it’s a bad car. To the contrary – Impala is Chevy’s flagship sedan for a reason. It’s actually a borderline luxury car in its top 2LTZ trim, although it also costs at least $35,540. Consumer Reports’ overall score of 81 which is highest on this list of best current American cars only confirms the previous statement.


Buick Regal Premium I (Turbo)

Luxury compact car – overall score 78

Premium I trim level is only available with 2015 year models, while 2016 Buick Regal jumps straight to Premium II group. In any case, 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine is what’s important here as it’s much more potent while it only drops commuting figures by couple of points. At the same time, it actually raises long distance numbers by a point. Furthermore, Premium package really distinguishes this Regal from those below it and propels it to true luxury class.


Lincoln MKZ 2.0 EcoBoost

Luxury mid-size car – overall score 75

Lincoln’s flagship sedan is offered with three distinctive powertrain choices, but 2.0L turbo four takes the biscuit as highly capable, yet more efficient – not counting the hybrids, of course. Sporty limo is better than its predecessors in pretty much every aspect, and it clearly offers us an insight of what future might bring for Blue Oval’s premium lineup.


Ford Edge SEL (2.0L EcoBoost)

Mid-size SUV – overall score 76

Edge fits that Ford SUV/crossover middle ground perfectly and will probably continue to do so for unforeseeable future. SEL trim offers all the convenience and tech features you might need, and it’s still less expensive than Titanium or Sport models. Furthermore, 2.0L turbo four powerplant which is standard with this tier ensures relatively fine fuel economy figures. Of all American cars, Edge is certainly one of the most versatile options.

edge sel

Dodge Durango Limited (V6)

Full-size SUV – overall score 76

Durango on the list of best American cars? Although it might come as a surprise, Consumer Reports have spoken. It beats the likes of Explorer, Yukon or Tahoe among others. Of course, you’d want to avoid HEMI-powered models with their petrol guzzling habits. You don’t need a drunkard in your house or garage in this instance, after all. 293-horsepower V6 is powerful enough even for seven passengers – plus it costs around $30,000 to begin with.

2016 Dodge Durango SXT Plus Release Date

Lincoln MKX 2.7L

Luxury SUV – overall score 79

With Lincoln doing some closet cleaning in recent years, it doesn’t surprise us that two of their nameplates found their way to this list of 10 best American cars currently available. Although smaller turbo six is almost equally efficient as the larger normally aspirated unit, it’s still much more potent than its counterpart. That’s why 2.7L MKX represents the best choice when it comes to luxury SUV’s. even though it’s $2,000 more expensive than 3.7L unit.


Ford F-150 XLT (3.5 V6 EcoBoost)

Full-size pickup – overall score 77

F-150’s appearance as best American full-size truck doesn’t really surprise us. It’s one of the most reliable American cars on the market, and the new generation in particular, is handsome, light, capable and relatively efficient thanks to the new batch of EcoBoost powertrains. Larger EcoBoost (3.5L V6) is almost stronger than 5.0L V8 which sits atop the food chain. Needless to say, it’s much more efficient in certain conditions which earns it better scores. Finally, XLT trim offers most features available in higher echelons, that are entirely unavailable in entry-level models. That’s why XLT F-150 takes the biscuit as one of the best American cars you can buy right now.

f150 xlt



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