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10 Best Car Anti-Theft Devices [Buying Guide]

These Easy-To-Install Car Anti-Theft Devices Effectively Deter Criminals

Best Overall Choice

Winning International "The Club" Steering Wheel Lock

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Best Budget Choice

Cal Hawk Battery Cut-Off Kill Switch

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Best Premium Choice

Disklok Steering Wheel Lock

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best car anti-theft devices

Though we never want to imagine it happening to us, car theft is a reality. In 2019, the FBI reported 721,885 stolen vehicles in the U.S. Luckily, we’ve found the best car anti-theft devices to deter criminals from even attempting to steal your car. These devices will help protect your car whenever it is parked out in the open — whether in a public parking garage or on a street near your apartment. And, even if no break-in attempts occur, you may find the added peace of mind you get from using these devices is well worth the added step when parking your car.

If your car has ever been stolen, you will likely agree that taking added precautions to make sure that the nightmare doesn’t happen again is a worthwhile investment. Some car models tend to be stolen more than others — check out our list of the 10 most stolen cars in the U.S. to see if your car is on the list. Along with car anti-theft devices, consider installing a GPS tracking device to your vehicle in the event it does get stolen.

And a little tip from us? Opt for a car anti-theft device that is vibrant in color. A more visible anti-theft device may help deter car thieves before they damage your car trying to steal it.

Types of Car Anti-Theft Devices

In terms of the kinds of best car anti-theft devices, wheel locks are the most popular and preferred option. Along with that, brake locks and tire locks are excellent options.

Wheel locks can be adjusted to fit most steering wheels. They are easily attached and removed, and they come with a key. The wheel lock prevents a steering wheel from being turned, thus rendering the car immobile.

Brake locks attach to either the clutch pedal or the brakes and are locked in place with a key. They prevent the pedal from being depressed so the would-be thief can’t shift or accelerate.

Tire locks clamp on a car’s tire to keep it from spinning. If you plan on going out of town for an extended time and your car will be left unattended, tire locks are a good option.

No matter what type of anti-theft device you get, be certain that it will fit either your car’s steering wheel, brake, or tire size. Along with the three main types of locking devices, other anti-theft device options include a kill switch, GPS devices, and additional car alarms.

The 10 Best Car Anti-Theft Devices

Below, we’ve outlined the 10 best car anti-theft devices on the market today. Depending on your preferences and use case, you can find one, or a few, on our guide to best fit your needs. Along with our buying guide with the best products, we’ve also answered your most frequently asked questions surrounding car anti-theft devices. Keep reading to learn how to add extra security to your car with these impressive devices!

Best Overall Choice

1. Winning International "The Club" Steering Wheel Lock

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Winning International is a well-known brand for car anti-theft devices. And for good reason. These devices are durable, dependable, and easy to use. The Club checks all of the boxes when it comes to the best anti-theft car devices to deter criminals from stealing your car. With the twin-hook design and the bright yellow color, it has triple the protection.

Unique to The Club, the device has a patented self-locking feature—with a single pull you can set and lock the device on your steering wheel. When it comes time to unlock it, simply use the key provided. Because of the bright, visible color, criminals will hopefully be deterred before attempting to break into your car.

The steering wheel lock is made of heavy-duty steel — exactly what you want when it comes to an anti-theft device. Since it locks without the use of a key, be certain it is fully locked before leaving your car. You can attempt to move your steering wheel in order to double-check that it is locked.

Best Budget Choice

2. Cal Hawk Battery Cut-Off Kill Switch

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This budget-friendly gadget wears a lot of hats in terms of utility for your car. A kill switch can help prevent battery drain when storing and working on cars. And in the event of an on-track accident, a kill switch can be used to cut power on race cars to prevent fires. For our purposes, you can also use a kill switch as a car anti-theft device, and the inexpensive, 12-volt, 300 amp Cal Hawk Kill Switch gets the job done.

When flipped, this switch will immediately stop the electric flow to the battery, draining it so the car won’t turn on. In terms of installation, you will want the kill switch to be well-hidden from the would-be thief, but in a spot that is easy for you to flip the switch on and off. Popular options are under the seat, in the trunk, under the dashboard, or in a glovebox.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing basic electrical work to install the switch, contact your local auto maintenance shop for help with the installation.

Best Premium Choice

3. Disklok Steering Wheel Lock

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The Dislosk Steering Wheel Lock certainly looks like one of the fanciest, best anti-theft car devices—and that’s because it is! Depending on the size of your steering wheel you can get a size small (13.7-15.3-inches), medium (15.4-16.3-inches), or large (16.4-17.3-inches). To find what size you need, measure your steering wheel’s diameter from left to right.

This device is made out of hardened steel and has a locking barrel with an internal disk for added security. This lock covers the entire steering wheel making it very difficult for a thief to remove it thanks to the patented design.

This steering wheel lock comes with three keys, a nice bonus if you are prone to losing or misplacing your keys. Dislosk recommends separating your car keys from your anti-theft device key. This way, if a criminal were to steal your car keys, they would not be able to steal your car. With your purchase, Dislosk offers a 3-year mechanical warranty.

4. KAYCENTOP Wheel Clamp Lock

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A wheel clamp is a great deterrent for car thieves. Right off the bat, it is extremely noticeable. This particular wheel clamp from KAYCENTOP is bright red and yellow, making it highly visible even at night.

The clamp is PVC-coated to prevent any potential damage to your car tires. The wheel locks themselves are made of durable steel. In addition, the locking area has a waterproof cap to prevent rust and corrosion.

To lock your tire, simply put the clamp on the tire and push the lock cylinder. No key is needed to lock it although you will need to use the included key to remove it from the tire. It is important to note that this wheel lock fits tires up to 10-inches wide. Every KAYCENTOP wheel clamp lock comes with a 1-year mechanical warranty.

5. Tevlaphee Car Steering Wheel Lock

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The Tevlaphee Car Steering Wheel Lock comes in your choice of black, red, or blue. You can place it either at the top or bottom of your steering wheel to lock the wheel. It is specially designed to protect your steering wheel from any scratches or damage. The steel device has a high-grade lock that can not be easily picked.

To install, simply pull the ends apart, put the left hook on the wheel, adjust the distance to secure it on the right hook, and then tighten both ends to lock. This wheel lock fits steering wheels with an inner diameter ranging from 6.6-inches to 12.5-inches.

When it isn’t in use as a steering wheel lock, Tevlaphee advises that it can also be used as a safety weapon. If for some reason you ever need it, it will give you peace of mind knowing it’s in your car! With every purchase, Tevlaphee promises a lifetime money-back guarantee.

6. Winning International "The Club" Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock

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Made by Winning International, The Club CL303 is designed to extend from your brake or clutch pedal to your steering wheel. For proper installation of this vibrant red anti-theft device, first, attach the rubberized handle to your steering wheel. Then, attach the other end to the brake or clutch pedal. Once it is properly installed, you can lock it with the included key. If you lose one key, it also comes with a spare.

Overall, it has a universal fit that should work for most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs with a locking length from 22.5 to 30-inches. Though this device is lightweight, it is strong and made from durable tempered steel. And, it’s easy to put on and off, taking less than thirty seconds to install.

7. Oanon Car Tire Lock Clamp

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This Oanon tire lock clamp will immediately deter any criminals thanks to its high visibility yellow color. The clamp is made of heavy-duty steel and coated with an anti-rust coating.

Designed to clamp securely around your tire, the device has an outer steel disc that covers the lug nuts, preventing the tire and device from being removed. Once installed on the tire, you can lock it with the included key. Each purchase comes with two keys.

This particular wheel clamp is a universal fit for most tires. Check your tire’s measurements to make sure it will fit your vehicle before purchasing. If you live on a street with frequent car thefts or you are leaving your car for an extended period of time, this wheel clamp is a good option.

8. Tevlaphee Universal Steering Wheel Brake Lock

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This anti-theft device for cars is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and steel. Along with being highly effective in preventing car theft, you can also use this device as an escape tool to break a window or windshield if needed.

In terms of design, the double-lock cylinder provides extra strength and security. And, it comes with adhesive tape that you can use to reduce any marks left behind on the steering wheel.

For sizing, this lock is adjustable for most vehicles with a range of 58cm to 85cm. After installation, simply use the key to lock and unlock the device. Both sides of this lock have hooks to keep it securely in place. Both of the rubber handles are wear-resistant. And Tevlaphee has great customer service available should any issues arise.

9. YaeTek Two-Piece Tire Lock Clamp

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This bright yellow tire lock clamp is very visible and secure. Included in the purchase, you’ll get two clamps for installation on two tires to deter any potential threats. Along with vehicles, these clamps can also be used on trailers, boats, RVs, and more.

Be sure to check your tire’s measurements prior to purchasing these clamps to make sure they will fit. With each set, you also get four sets of keys. While this wheel clamp may look a little intimidating, with a little practice, installation is easy. You can keep these clamps in your car at all times and pop them on whenever you want a little extra insurance for your parked vehicle.

10. Winning International "The Club" Brake Lock Vehicle Anti-Theft Device

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This anti-theft device from Winning International is a brake lock. It attaches the steering wheel to the brake or clutch pedal, making it entirely impossible to steer or accelerate. The vibrant red color is highly visible for added protection. This model of The Club has self-locking features. When it comes time to unlock it, use the provided key.

The device is adjustable for a universal fit for most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. It can fit brake pedals up to 9 by 16-inches wide. The entire device is made of durable tempered steel. As long as you securely lock this on your car and take the key with you, you should find your car right where you parked it.

Get Peace of Mind With The Best Car Anti-Theft Devices

To be certain your car’s anti-theft device works properly, be sure to measure before purchasing to verify that the specific device will fit your car. Along with that, once you do secure the anti-theft device, always double-check to make sure it is installed properly and fully locked. And, just like your car keys, keep the key to the device somewhere safe where you can easily find them so that you don’t risk getting locked out of your own car!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I lose the key to my car anti-theft device?

First, you’ll likely need to call a locksmith to remove the anti-theft device from your vehicle. Sometimes, car anti-theft devices come with two sets of keys. If that’s the case, you can unlock your device with the spare. If not, we recommend that you call the manufacturer. Sometimes, they will send a replacement. More often than not, you’ll need to purchase a new anti-theft device.

How do I measure the size of my tires?

Your tire’s dimensions should be printed on the tire’s sidewall. If you can’t find the numbers on the sidewall, check with the tire’s manufacturer to get the appropriate measurements.

If I have a car alarm or security system, do I need an anti-theft device?

Though a car alarm will usually go off if someone breaks into your car, it may not deter the thief or prevent your car from being stolen. An anti-theft device will be a more secure way to ensure your care is not stolen. We recommend both making sure your car alarm is working and installing a car anti-theft device for added security.

Does using car anti-theft devices lower my insurance premium?

This will depend on your insurance provider. In some cases, an installed GPS device can potentially lower your premium. Certain insurance providers may offer a lower premium with anti-theft devices installed. The discount can range anywhere from 2.5 to 30%.

What else can I do to prevent car theft?

First and foremost, be aware of your surroundings. And always remove valuables from your car. If you can’t completely remove valuables for any reason, keep them completely out of sight. Also, keep a close eye on your car keys. It may seem like common sense, but make certain that your car doors are locked. Along with that, always try to park in the most secure location possible.

How does a kill switch work?

A kill switch stops the electrical flow from your battery or ignition system through a fuse that is installed in your car. For information on how and where to install a kill switch, check out this guide.

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