Best Electric Cars 2014

Published May 19, 2013

At this moment, there is a lot of media attention going towards electric cars 2014, as people seem to be more aware about pollution and other damages done by using regular petrol cars. Full electric cars are still rare and really expensive, even though there are a couple of high performance vehicles that might burn some sparks and attract more people to this technology in general. However, there are plenty of fully electric versions of regular cars like the Mitsubishi i-MIEV, or the Ford Focus Electric. These two cost $30.000 and $40.000, respectively, which is a bit too much for average consumers. The problem behind full electric cars is mainly the means of usage as people have gotten used to flexibility and convenience of petrol cars, mainly to their autonomy. Electric vehicles need to be supported by gas stations with specifically designed recharging stations, which is already happening, but it’s a really slow process.

Mitsubishi i-MIEV 2014-ford-focus-electric

Overview of electric cars 2014

Depending on your budget and the purpose for which you intend to use the car, there are plenty of electric cars 2014, whether these were hybrid or full electric. For people looking into high performance electric cars, you can get a redesigned Tesla Roadster, which is the first car to use an electric motor to truly show off its potential. This vehicle costs up to $150.000, which is quite a steep price, but the exclusivity costs. Performance numbers for this vehicle in particular reveal heavy torque and extremely fast acceleration, but low end top speed. There is a new electric sports car being developed in Croatia, called the Rimac One, which is estimated to run a 1000 horsepower electric motor, so it’s definitely something to look forward to. For people who are looking into purchasing a regular family car, I’d recommend to take a look at Honda Coda, which is a full electric sedan coming in at $38000 which balances comfort, room and performance pretty well.


Volvo Electric

Certainly the biggest player in the 2014 electric cars market is the Volvo C30 Electric which is still being developed and is estimated to be out in the market in 2014. The car makes use of a regular C30 chassis with a completely revamped mechanical base. Due to its light weight and powerful electric motors, the Volvo C30 Electric is definitely going to be one of the best electric cars 2014. We are eager to see how much it will cost and how will it perform in performance driving.


Value of electric cars

At the moment there is a lot of potential in the electric cars 2014 lineup, but the technology is still rather young. This indicates for a little bit of reasoning as you should expect a car which is not as flexible as a regular petrol engine. This might be due to bad infrastructure which doesn’t support users of this car enough, at least currently. Soon, this should be fixed and owners of electric cars will have a breeze even when driving on longer distances.



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