The Best 6 Ford Crate Motors Ever Created

Need more horsepower? Or just a replacement crate motor?

Updated October 3, 2018

If you’re on the lookout for some Ford crate motors, chances are that you’re looking for something a little extra over your current ride, or you’ve tried pioneering the external combustion engine and thrown a rod through the block.

Either scenario is going to cost you some dollars, but depending on exactly what you want, you could be pleasantly surprised.

For this list, we’ve tried to cover most angles – most value through to most horsepower, they all have one thing in common; FoMoCo.

Roush 511 FE $26,710Roush 511 FE - Ford Crate Motors

Roush is known by gearheads worldwide for their products and pedigree, and the 511 FE crate motor is no exception. Sure, it isn’t at the lower end of market price-wise, but you’re getting something special with this Ford crate motor.

The 511 ci motor is made up of all the right parts – a Shelby aluminum block, forged rods and pistons, and a Scat cast crank. Sitting on top of the motor is a pair of Edelbrock cylinder heads which are fed with a dual-plane intake manifold, all being supplied by a Holley 750-cfm carb.

The motor comes pretty much dressed so you won’t need to spend another $1,000 to get it ready. Better yet, this 600 hp 625 lb-ft motor comes with a 24,000 mile / 2-year warranty.

Kaase Boss 9 $19,900Kaase Boss 9 - Ford Crate Motors

771 reliable horsepower for less than $20,000? We’ll take it.

Based on an ordinary 385-series bottom end which was bored out an extra .030” with a huge 4.300” crank, this 521ci motor uses the all-new Kaase Boss 9 aluminum cylinder heads and a single-plane intake fitted with an 850-cfm carb to produce some big numbers – 771 hp & 731 lb-ft of torque (all on regular pump-gas).

Not enough for you? Upgrade the cam and fit a Dominator carb and you’ll be looking at 900+hp – that should be sufficient for most needs!

Ford Racing Boss 363 $8,500Ford Racing Boss 363 - Ford Crate Motors

This is an official Ford crate motor, and while it may not be a pavement-shredding 700+ hp beastie, it’s got enough to get you where you’re going in a hurry – 500 hp & 450 lb-ft.

Ford has done this by doing away with the regular upgrade of .030” overbore and instead went straight in for a 4.125” bore coupled up to a 3.400” crank giving a cubic displacement of 363ci. The beauty of the 363 is space – with a deck-height of just 8.200”, this little motor will fit into just about anything.

It’s not turnkey, but you don’t need to add too much to make it work, and for that sort of money, it’s definitely a winner.

ATK High-Performance Ford 302 $3,609

ATK High-Performance Ford 302 - Ford Crate Motors

This crate engine has the lowest cost on this list, and while it’s definitely budget friendly, it will still give you a 300 hp kick.

This motor is aimed at the replacement market – something for your daily driver rather than an all-out performance upgrade. This Ford crate motor is simple but reliable – just the thing you need when you’ve blown your motor (and budget) along the strip.

300 hp and 336 ft-lb of torque is enough to get the job done and for the money, it’s not even worth looking at repairing your existing mill. Just drop one of these small-block replacement motors in and you’re good to go.

Edelbrock Supercharged Coyote $22,850

Edelbrock Supercharged Coyote - Ford Crate Motors

The list wouldn’t be complete without a little Forced Induction. The Coyote measures up at 5.0 liters, (305ci in old money) and makes a perfect upgrade for pretty much anything, be that a resto-mod or upgrading.

The package is complete with a brand-new aluminum block, forged rods, pistons and crank, Edelbrock E-Force TVS 2300 blower, electric intercooler water pump, intercooler, 50 lb fuel injectors and all the bits to dress the motor.

As for power, that this blown motor creates 700 hp and 606 lb-ft of torque, all driveable and with a smooth delivery. In all honesty, we’d expect to see the torque numbers a little higher, but maybe Edelbrock is being a little conservative. Either way, reliability is the word of the day, and you get a 2-year or 24,000-mile warranty on the engine.

Ford Racing EcoBoost $7,000Ford Racing EcoBoost - Ford Crate Motors

We don’t think that there is anything finer than a burbling V8, but of course, some of us will always prefer those little four-bangers. The EcoBoost measures up at just 2.0 liters but gives an impressive 252 hp and 272 lb-ft of torque.

It manages to create that figure with the use of a Borg-Warner turbo running at 16 psi, variable cam timing and direct-injection – it’s pretty slick.

A full turnkey solution, the price includes pretty much everything that you’re going to need, right down to the starter motor. This really is an off-the-shelf solution to replace or upgrade a smaller engined car. 250+hp isn’t going to set the world alight, but it can make for fun driving when pushed and, of course, if you’re into saving the planet, this is a win-win situation.

As with the others, Ford offers this crate motor with a 2-year or 24-month warranty, meaning you haven’t got to worry about using that performance.

Best Ford Crate Motors

As you can see, the choices are plenty, but it really is dependent on what you’re looking for or power requirements. If it has to be a Ford crate motor, then you have the pick – forget all about GM, LSxx and the like, the blue oval has you covered.

We should also remember that most of these options have a few upgrades available as well, so if the little ATK is something that does it for you but you’d like just a little more punch, power can easily be increased for a few extra dollars.

As with anything, you need to check the small print and legislation – some of the products listed may not be legal for road use in your state, so it’s always worth checking (and checking again) whether you’re likely to run into trouble.

Of course, prices can change, so check with your local supplier to make sure the listed prices are still current.

At the end of the day, if you didn’t find what you were looking for on this list, there are literally hundreds of Ford crate motors – decide on what works for you and then go have fun!


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