The Ford Fusion Hybrid

Best Hybrid Cars to Buy in 2012

Updated August 12, 2014

There is an enormous amount of pressure on car manufacturers to produce viable hybrid cars that offer acceptable levels of performance. However, the development of these vehicles has been slow, and the few cars which are available lack performance and style. Manufacturers have struggled to produce the cars on large scales, a fact that has kept retail prices relatively high. Fortunately, both car-makers and consumers have been slowly coming to terms with hybrid vehicles. There are now several stylish and efficient hybrid cars on the market, and sales are slowly growing throughout the world.


The Toyota Prius


No discussion on the best duel-powered cars would be complete without mentioning Toyotas’s ground-breaking Prius. This iconic car is capable of achieving a fuel-economy rating of around fifty MPG. The Prius was the first hybrid vehicle to successfully offer drivers a driving experience comparable to the combustion engine. It features lots of space for cargo and passengers, and its lightweight steering system is ideal for daily inner-city driving. The Prius was the first mass-produced hybrid car to be made available at a price most average incomes could deal with.

The Toyota Prius


The Ford Fusion Hybrid


Ford’s main entrant into the hybrid market comes in the form of the Fusion. A respectable forty MPG is possible in this sedan, and drivers can enjoy all of the luxurious added extras available in mainstream versions of the Fusion. However, many drivers complain at the lack of storage space, much of which has been sacrificed in order to make room for the car’s battery.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid


The Nissan Leaf


Many people may argue that Nissan’s Leaf is not a hybrid, as it is fully electric. However, its ground-breaking appeal to the mass-market makes it impossible not to mention this incredible feat of modern engineering. This is the first all-electric car on general sale that is within the budget of the average driver. The relatively large battery in the Leaf gives the car a low centre of gravity, an attribute that actually aids handling and traction. The Leaf is also a surprisingly quick accelerator in short, sharp bursts. However, limited charging options make this an unsuitable car for long-distance driving. With a maximum single-charge range of around one hundred miles, only the most ardent of eco-warriors will be persuaded to part with their hard-earned cash for the Nissan Leaf.

The Nissan Leaf


The Chevrolet Volt


The Chevrolet Volt has proven to be a very popular choice with people who are trying to vastly reduce their fuel bills. It features an electric engine with a range of forty miles and a four-cylinder gas engine. However, sales have been held back a little by the enormous price-tag that has been placed on the Volt. Some owners have also complained that the car offers only limited storage. The Volt is marketed as a family car; however, it is capable of seating only four people. Government subsidies have ensured that the Volt will be one of this year’s top-selling hybrid cars.

The Chevrolet Volt


The Infiniti M35h


The Infiniti offers drivers a perfect balance of luxury, power and environmental conscience. The ‘M’ delivers a respectable 30MPG from its V6 engine and electric motor. The Infiniti hybrid runs on electrical power only at low speeds; the petrol engine only kicks in when higher speeds and rates of acceleration are required. A lithium battery unit reclaims energy from the car’s revolutionary regenerative breaking system.

Infiniti m35h


The best hybrid cars of 2012 have all had an impact on the mass-market. A combination of improved performance and reductions in price have made them far more attractive to the average driver. As the move towards alternative fuels continues to gather pace, worldwide hybrid sales are certain to become increasingly impressive over the next decade.


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