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Which City Has The Best Motorists In The USA For 2017?

Which cities have the best motorists in the USA? How does your town rank?

Judging which city has the best motorists is a particularly hard thing to judge, especially when it seems that whatever city you’re currently in seems to have the biggest idiots behind the wheel. That being said, the actuarial experts at Allstate Insurance of Northbrook, Illinois, have a rather comprehensive system that measures the nation’s driving and riding capabilities by a series of interesting metrics.

Best Motorists In The USA

By scrutinizing an enormous amount of data gathered by insurance claim data, the company has managed to put together a detailed report that catalogs the nation’s best and worst drivers by city. Allstate take note of the length of time that passes between insurance claims, the average amount of heavy braking situations experienced by motorists in 1000 mile blocks, and weighs these situations up against the national averages. The report focuses on the country’s top 200 most populated cities, and it gives us some surprising results.

Best Motorists In The USA 2

So, let’s take a look at the best drivers in the country. The cities that are home to the best motorists in the USA might come as a surprise.

The Cities With The BEST Motorists In The USA!

#10 – Olathe, Kansas

Olathe, Kansas kicks off our list, with the city’s motorists being rated the tenth best in the country. According to the report, Olathe residents have an average of 11.8 years between insurance claims, and experience an average of 13.2 hard braking events per 1000 miles. If you’re an Olathe resident, then congratulations, because you’re in the top ten best motorists in the USA.

#09 – McAllen, Texas

Road users from McAllen, Texas can also celebrate – not only because they made the top ten, but also because they’ve managed to move up two places from last years rankings. With an average of 11.8 years between insurance claims, and -15.2% likely to make a claim at all when compared to the national average, McAllen drivers are pretty damn good statistically. Unfortunately, there’s no data for how many hard braking situations they had to endure per 1000 miles though.

#08 – Port St. Lucie, Florida

Interestingly, Port St. Lucie motorists experienced more hard braking situations per 1000 miles in 2017 than those in Olathe, Kansas, with 16.1 being the average, but thanks to a longer gap between insurance claims – 12 years, in fact – Port St. Lucie motorists claim a respectable eighth place for 2017.

#07 – Laredo, Texas

Last year the good folks from Laredo, Texas claimed twelfth place in the best motorists in the USA list, but for 2017 they’ve managed to come in in seventh. Like the motorists from Port St. Lucie, Laredo’s drivers have an average of 12 years between insurance claims but they’re a whole -16.8% likely to make an insurance claim at all, giving them the edge over their Floridian counterparts.

#06 – Boise, Idaho

Next up, we’ve got Boise, Idaho. With a mere 12.8 hard braking events per 1000 miles on average, and an average time of 12 years between claims, Boise has some of the safest drivers in the country. However, they managed to lose a place from their fifth place position in 2016…so standards are slipping!

#05 – Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral have also lost a place when compared to last year’s statistics. In 2016, the city’s motorists managed to claim fourth place. However, fifth ain’t bad and Cape Coral’s drivers managed to stay in the top ten by having an average time between insurance claims of 12.2 years. That’s not bad considering that Cape Coral motorists experience an average of 18 hard braking instances per 1000 miles this year.

#04 – Huntsville, Alabama

Alabama is home to the country’s fourth best motorists. Specifically, the residents of Huntsville. In Huntsville, the average motorist makes an insurance claim once every 12.4 years, and has a likelihood of -19.4% of making a claim at all, when compared with the national average. Huntsville’s motorists still have a lot of heavy braking instances, with an impressive (?) 14.1 dangerous situations per 1000 miles. Still, they’re doing something right because the city has moved up two places from last year.

#03 – Madison, Wisconsin

With an average gap of 12.5 years between insurance claims, it’s no wonder that Madison made it into the top three. But that’s not all. Madison’s motorists only experience a very low 9.9 instances of heavy braking instances per 1000 miles. Still, if you round that 9.9 up to 10, that’s still a dodgy situation for every 100 miles. That’s pretty alarming, no matter how you look at it. Still, Madison claim third place for the second year running.

#02 – Brownsville, Texas

If you’re a resident of Brownsville, Texas, you’ve got reason to be alarmed – because you’ve been knocked off of the coveted first place. You are no longer the city with the best motorists in the USA. Brownsville’s drivers have an average of 14.5 years between insurance claims, and they’re likelihood of making a claim at all is a crazy -30.9% below the national average. Statistically, Brownsville in Texas has the second best motorists in the country, which is worth a pat on the back, wouldn’t you say?

#01 – Kansas City, Kansas

Best Motorists In The USA 3

The top honors, however, go to Kansas City. According to the top notch research and analysis by Allstate with their Best Drivers Report 2017, residents of Kansas City have an average gap of 14.9 years between insurance claims! With nearly 15 years between crashes, it’s no wonder that Kansas City comes in first place. On top of that, the research has found that the likelihood of Kansas City motorists making an insurance claim is -32.8% against the national average, and that Kansas City road users experience only 9.9 instances of hard braking for every 1000 miles. Congratulations, Kansas City!

Best Motorists In The USA Table

Bonus Information On The Best Motorists In The USA:

Thanks to the information from Allstate, we know where the best motorists come from, but what do these paragons of road traffic virtue actually do for a living? Who are they really? We couldn’t find the proper statistics for North American motorists, but we did manage to track down some fun information from the United Kingdom. If you want to know who the best motorists are by profession are, then take a look at this little list below. You might be surprised about who the British Insurance Industry (with information from 1st Central Insurance) have found to be the best on the roads.

#10 – Painters & Decorators

#09 – Butchers

#08 – Mechanics

#07 – Factory Workers

#06 – Carpet Fitters

#05 – Cleaners

#04 – Truck Drivers

#03 – Builders

#02 – Farm Workers

#01 – Roofing Contractors

It seems that if you’re a roofing contractor from Kansas City, you may very well be the best driver in the country…Let us know if you fit that description!

Naturally, since we’ve just taken a look at the best motorists in the USA, it only makes sense that we take a look at the worst motorists next. We’ll bring you that information as soon as we’ve gathered it!


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