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Besturn B30 revealed ahead of Shanghai Auto Show, not looking cheap

Published April 15, 2011

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So the Besturn B30 is riding on the mark2 Jetta platform, its going to be an economy model based on nearly 30 year old technology, then again, I am nearly 30 years old myself based and I still look great so there is obviously hope for the Besturn B30.

As mentioned, the Besturns underpinnings maybe touching 30 years old but the rest of the car looks out standing for what will be a budget automobile, even the engine will be the same 1.6L from the mighty Jetta.

The good points are that this car will be cheap, cheap cheap, it looks great and the parts network behind the car is incomprehensibly big as the mark 2 Jetta is arguably Chinas favorite automobile of all time, the downside is that its 30 years old and at least six car generations behind tech wise.

Look out for this next week at the Shanghai Auto Show when it will be officially unveiled.




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