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Bike to the Future: Motorcycling Gadgets

Updated September 29, 2013

The future is here! Whichever way you look, the future is springing up and bounding around like an enthusiastically carbonated children’s TV presenter. We’re playing video games on the train, carrying thousands of books in our left pocket and surfing the internet on our wristwatches. Our phones tell us where to go and what to eat, they tell us how to stop that trickling sound the toilet relentlessly makes and best of all, ordinary household items cook all our meals for us! Okay the last one’s not quite here yet, but it’s an irrefutable truth that gadgets and gizmos of tomorrow are invading every aspect of our lives like the German’s invaded every aspect of Europe that one time; and they have succeeded in invading our beloved motorcycling with just as much vivacity as those crazy old Jerrys!

Yes, with a whole host of gadgetry designed to make your life on two wheels all the more easier, the following selection of new-age widgets and doodars are our top picks, and are available to you not tomorrow, but today!

Spot Connect

We’ll kick things off then by combining aforementioned handheld deities’ smartphones, with enormous practicality, and a means to be rescued when you get lost, which happens to the best of us. Smartphones become redundant pieces of horrifically expensive plastic and glass that wouldn’t even do as a doorstop the moment they lose signal, and if you find yourself on the middle of a ride out, suddenly stuck and with no signal, the Spot Connect allows your phone to communicate with satellites, as opposed to conventional mobile phone systems, and use these inter-spatial-communication-stations to send texts and make calls in emergencies! Smart!

Hero Helmet Cam

YouTube is another of those fangled future features, and with its popularity rivalling Christianity’s installed consumer base, it was only a matter of time before someone plonked a camera on a motorcycle helmet and said, ‘you know what would make a great video?’ The good news is, they were spot on, as the footage these helmet cams reel in can be superb, allowing you to relive your experience on the road, or share it! Just be careful not to fall off. Nobody wants to see that. Not if you ignore YouTube ratings anyway.

X2 Communicator

In spite of its brilliantly Red Dwarfish name, the X2 COMMUNICATOR is a practical and clever little device that sits on the side of your helmet and allows for crystal clear communication with whoever you’ve managed to coerce into sitting on the back of your bike! Incredibly, the range on the X2 COMMUNICATOR, clearly designed for interplanetary missions to the planet Zworg, is an astonishing five miles. So you can always find your passenger if they happen to wander off/escape.

Scocshe Remote

So you’re belting along the open road, the wind on your…visor, your iPod blasting Mark Knopfler’s solo career all over your ears. Suddenly, Ed Sheeran comes on, the girlfriend has been using your iPod! Panic! You can’t scramble for the device because even if that wasn’t inviting a horrific crash to come round for tea and biscuits, your gloves don’t register on the touch screen interface! You’re left wanting to tear off your own head for the next three and a half minutes. But not anymore! Not with this clever, mountable iPod remote that allows you to extinguish any such trespassing fraudsters and get back to the music you love with the touch of a button, and all without taking your attention off the road!

Morpho Airbeam Tent

Camping can be a nightmare, even for the most weathered and experienced enthusiasts. What’s more, getting out to the middle of nowhere for a few days is a plan perfectly executed by way of your two-wheeled traveller! As such, here’s something to make it all a little easier. If putting tents up is too much like hard work (and let’s face it – it is) this handy solution uses inflatable airbeams as opposed to standard, cumbersome tent poles. After a few stamps on the included foot pump and an argument over how a match could possibly cook a chicken tender, you’re ready to hit the hay! It’s light and super small when packed, so it’s easy to carry home on your bike; perfect!

Undoubtedly, the future isn’t what it used to be. Surrounded by gadgets that ease the harsh realities of life, now is a great time to get on board with all the latest motorbike tech-ery and take to the road like Buck Rogers! Sort of.

This article was written by Rob Vicars on behalf of J&S Accessories. For top quality motorcycling gear that’ll go great with your gadgets, you’ll find all you need at J&S.



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